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Jimmy Young Forex Trading Course

Updated on April 23, 2015

If you have never had the pleasure of visiting Guernsey, one of the islands within the Channel Islands, than I would recommend you visit it. I had the fortune of being there recently, on a course held by the king of Forex, Jimmy Young.

If you aren’t aware, Forex is the name of the market where currencies are traded on. If you ever watched the financial channels like Bloomberg, you may well have seen letters like GBP/USD or AUD/CAD zoom past the bottom of the screen. If so, than what you are seeing is a glimpse of the Forex market.

A typical financial channel
A typical financial channel

So who exactly is Jimmy Young and how did I come across him? And why am I writing this hub on him? Well to answer the last question first, Jimmy Young is a teacher of Forex, teaching others how to make good money (and potentially a living) via Forex. And I can knowingly tell you that he is a guy who knows what he is teaching for he is someone who has (and is) actually making a living from trading the currencies. This I must add is a breath of fresh air when you consider all the people who claim to be experts in what they teach but when the rubber meets the road, cannot replicate the results that they are trying to teach you to achieve.

Jimmy is different. Having spent a number of years working in the banks on their Forex platforms, he took retirement on the eve of 31st December, 1999. From there he went on to work as a consultant and a lead trader for several brokers and banks. He was also a survivor of the world trade centre, happening to be working on the 80th floor of the north tower when the first plane struck just a few floors up.

Forex Trader & Teacher Jimmy Young

Since then he has created his own tools and methodologies to trade the various world currencies with and these strategies have proven to be very successful for him and most of the students who have applied the strategies that he has taught. I initially met him in London for a two day course where he introduced the basics of teachings of his course. Of course I was sceptical as I will confess to having being burnt before with teachers who just want your money and to hell with the education. As mentioned, Jimmy Young was different. And with the foresight of my Dad, I (and he) booked ourselves down for the course in Guernsey.

Anyhow, sitting at the 4 star Duke of Richmond Hotel on the island of Guernsey, I was pleased to learn to a more in-depth level the strategies which he initially taught us. These strategies include amongst others;

  • Jimmy Bands
  • European Breakout
  • Scalping
  • JB 76.5

I will admit that the days were long and tiring and I was overwhelmed with large amounts of new knowledge. And I’m sure that I will be in touch with him several more times to question him with regards Forex and how to best apply x or y strategy. Yet what I do know is that at the time of writing, I am feeling very confident with regards to the future of me (and my dad) trading Forex.

Before concluding this hub, I should also point out that as well as a highly excellent course, if you ever get the chance to visit Guernsey, than I would strongly recommend you go. Being a combination of French styled housing and English speaking population; as well as lots of history attached to the island, you certainly won’t be short of things to do when in Guernsey.

If you can’t at the very least visit this lovely island, than I would strongly recommend that you attend Jimmy Young’s training, especially if you are interested in Forex or general trading. If you wish to find out more about his teachings and learn about any upcoming courses, feel free visit his website,


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