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Job Proposal Scam: Financial Manager

Updated on November 28, 2011

The job search is hard enough as it is, don't let your desperation get you into trouble.

You have put your resume on Careerbuilder and Monster. You have scoured craigslist and, you have even sifted through some local companies' "Career" pages. It's a tough job market out there, and sometimes you start to wonder if you will ever find anything. It is precisely this mentality which might make you susceptible to work from home scams.

One work from home scam which I have received multiple times is an offer for a "Financial Manager" position. I have not seen much buzz about this one online, but I did a little extra research this time in an effort to get to the bottom of it. The following example is the most convincing communication of this type I received.

I received an e-mail entitled "Job Proposal" with my name. The e-mail was written in slightly off-kilter English, but seemed professional enough. However, there was no professional signature or company icon. The woman said she was from "Design Planning, LLC" and thought I matched the 'Financial Planner' position for their company and gave me a link to a legitimate website for Design Planning, LLC.

The website describes in vague terms that they are based out of Moscow and offer interior design services. It shows a picture of an impressive office building, work they have "done", and their staff members. They claim to have an impressive portfolio and have been doing work in the United States.

However, for some reason, they need me to do their financial transactions in the United States...

I read more about why they asked me to do this for them, and they say that there are U.S. laws which require them to have a location here in order to take payments from U.S. companies. I am in the U.S. I must be the loophole they need to do business here. They'll pay me 5% of each payment I take, giving me an average of $3,000 - $5,000 per month at only 3 hours per week.

Here's how to Spot This Scam

This is the email I got:

For Sarah,
I'm Amelin Torres. I'm staff manager of our Staff Department. We found your information & We think you are quallified for the vacancy of Finance Manager.

To find more information concerning this work, visit this link:  

this position may be the great complement to your current work.
Please see link for further information about our company.

If you are interested, write me for further info.
Amelin Torres

A few minutes later, she sent another e-mail asking me to confirm I received the information. 

So watch out if:

  1. It sounds too good to be true.
  2. It seems incongruous with your current line of work.
  3. It is a "recruiter" contacting you from another country.
  4. It has no concrete U.S. address.
  5. It involves a bank account.
  6. The company has a vague name. This is not always a telltale sign, but it is a cause for caution.


Be aware, they don't stop there! The second red flag.

The people who conduct these scams are becoming pretty sophisticated. If you responded to an e-mail like the one above because you thought it may be a legitimate opportunity, there are indicators during the second step that really let you know it is a job scam!

I responded to the e-mail I got to see what they really wanted from me. This is the reply e-mail I got:

Hello again,

This is Amelin Torres again. As your future personnel manager I am glad that you decide to accept our offer. Thank you very much for your interest in our Financial manager vacancy. I reviewed your resume on the Yahoo! and I'm glad to invite you to join our team!

Well, now you have successfully completed the first stage of recruiting process. Now we should pass very easy formal procedure. Let me to describe the employment procedure:

First of all,our HR department will carry out:

- your name, place of residing, contact phone numbers
- reliability of information you provided (your name, place of residing, contact phone)

In order to perform these checks we need you to submit us the following information ASAP by completing the documents:

- Employment Agreement(signed copy)
- Employment Application(signed copy)

I have attached this documents documents to this message in MS Word format and PDF format. Please fill that documents, sign and sent me the copies.

You may send a copy of of your signed Employment Agreement and Employment Application two ways:

1. To my Fax: 1,206,350,7574 (US inside fax)
2. You scan this document and after that you send it to my e-mail:

This information will be totally secured and will not be shared with the third parts.

When you send this documents and the information verifies,your candidacy gets approved. After that we will start working. This will entitle you to start receiving and processing customer’s payments.


1. Bank Checks
2. Wire transfers
3. Certified funds and Cash funds

-Salary and Compensation

The Financial Manager will be entitled to 5 of all completed transactions. The maximum turnover handled by a single manager is limited the by company’s policy and is set at $100,000 per month.

Minimum salary- $3,000/monthly, plus income tax compensation(under the US tax form 1099)

-Type of Employment and Time Commitment:

Part-time. you will work from home as an Independent Contractor. Approximately working schedule- 3-5 hours per week. You can combine this job with your current job, because you'll spend no more than 5 hours per week. This job can become perfect addition to your current job.

To sum it up, your next step for getting the position with our company is submitting the requested information for verification purposes. We already have some applicants and the time limit is short, so please do your best to provide it ASAP. Please let me know your final decision within 2 days. I will wait for your documents.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Best regards,

Personnel manager
Amelin Torres
Personal e-mail:

She also attached five attachments: a job description, two job applications, and two contractor agreements.

Notice in this job e-mail how the company assumed the you got the position in the beginning, then stressed the urgency of responding with all of your information. The job application and contractor agreement LOOK completely legitimate. (See images above - they are screen shots of the actual documents sent to me.) I just want you to see how real the job scam looks!

Again, she sent another e-mail asking me to confirm that I got the information. This time I did not reply. Apparently this type of company may be laundering money, and what they want you to do is launder it for them, taking a portion of their pay. This way, they have access to your accounts AND they get their cash, then leave you as the scapegoat if someone starts to ask questions. This website, Hoax Slayer, offers a great explanation.

Maybe something on Amazon can help you find a legitimate job!


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    • profile image

      veronica 5 years ago

      i recieved this email also

    • SarahLinny profile image

      Sarah Carson 6 years ago from Philadelphia, PA

      Wow, that's pretty interesting - I have been receiving similar e-mails from other people now too, and some link to sites that clearly do not belong to them... I wonder if they are the same people just recreating their "company". I hope no one gets suckered into a big mess with this scam!

    • profile image

      shaniva 6 years ago

      i've recieved the same thing today from the same person, i checked it one time, then when i went to check it again, the site was unavailable.

    • SarahLinny profile image

      Sarah Carson 6 years ago from Philadelphia, PA

      I also just received another from!