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"Junkee" an Untraditional place to shop

Updated on November 5, 2012
Junkee, Reno Nevada
Junkee, Reno Nevada | Source
Repurposed items become art.
Repurposed items become art. | Source
This ia actually a shot of the area around the bathroom door.
This ia actually a shot of the area around the bathroom door. | Source
My Favorite booth where items are painted fantastic colors.
My Favorite booth where items are painted fantastic colors. | Source
The clothing side, full of fun outfits and everyday clothes.
The clothing side, full of fun outfits and everyday clothes. | Source
Jerryd finds a top hat.
Jerryd finds a top hat. | Source
One of the dressing rooms.
One of the dressing rooms. | Source
You never know...
You never know... | Source
My new tree!
My new tree! | Source

I Love Junkee!

In the heart of the Biggest Little City, Reno beats a store so full of personality that it defies the normal verbiage one would attribute to places such as; antique stores, second hand stores, or even museums. “Junkee” is full of antiques, clothes, art, and repurposed items. If I had to come up with a description, I would say Junkee is the crossroads between reality and imagination. Unlike other consignment shops, Junkee approaches objects with a “what can I do with it” attitude. Were you in the market for a furry pink lamp shade? Did you want a set of flying pig salt shakers,, it’s there, if you are looking for the last 50 years of readers digest it’s there, and if by chance you were looking for a costume for a masquerade ball or theme party…it’s there.

From the outside Junkee is an aged brick building sandwiched in the tarot and tattoo district of Reno’s old downtown area. Although the building is traditional, the feeling that something interesting is happening inside starts before you even walk through the door. On top of the roof is a set of old stadium chairs, suitcases, and painted tires. The parking lot is flanked by a giant mural of faces that looks like something out of a 60’s fashion magazine. Once inside the front door visitors are greeted by the clothing side of the store. The entrance display is constantly changing, taking on the theme of the season.

If I had to pick my favorite thing about this store it would be that items that might normally end up in a landfill are repurposed into amazing pieces of art and functional furniture. Inside Junkee chairs become shelves, doors become desks, doll heads are mounted on candle sticks, and antiques are everywhere. Not just your normal antiques but, pieces of things. A bucket of old bottle stoppers, casino matchbooks, a spuds McKenzie light are all at home in this tribute to American culture. You can’t help but smile at some of the creations that turn up in Junkee.

Another great aspect of Junkee is the pricing. Over the weekend I picked up a teal 3ft. Christmas tree (it matches my bedroom), an antique doll, doll head, and a pot rack for under $20.00. The tree was still in the box. On other occasions we have bought books, postcards, and hats. We can spend two hours in the store just looking at antiques. My favorite booth has decorator items for your home. I am always drawn in by the colors of the frames, the architectural objects, and the nostalgic furniture.

The Junkee employees are always available to help. While I was in the store a woman was looking for a 1940’s hat and several employees helped her find the one she needed (this required scanning through the 20+ booths). One of my sons seems to always find the artist who created the unusual art in Junkee (see the picture of the painted Mannequin). She always answers his questions and lets him trail behind her.

In the over 20 years I have hiked through antique stores and resale shops, Junkee is unparalleled in terms of display creativity. The presentation of items gives people the feeling that these objects have endless possibilities and of course they do…


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