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Just One Club Card: The Key Ring Thing Info

Updated on October 10, 2010

The Key Ring Thing

This card is a great idea for combining your shopping cards like, your pet perks card, big y card and four others all on to one easy to carry card. No more carrying a key ring full of shopper cards around with you. With this card you enter the card info from each card and they do the bar code and label for you. This card fits easily into your wallet for easy access it's the size of one shopper card. So if you had 18 cards you could reduce it down to 3 cards.

Why I love my Key Ring Thing

This works with 1,000's of different retailers pretty much any store that has any kind of shopper club card or club card it will work with. The card is a durable PVC piping material that is water resistant and everything else. Mine is holding up just perfectly and it's a couple months old. I only paid $4.95 per card. I now have two of them. Sometimes the bar code doesn't work if the scanner doesn't read it properly but if the cashier enters the number it will work perfectly. This is probably one of the greatest ideas I always thought this would be a great idea I'm just glad some one finally made it.

This card is also great for consumers because many people will actually give up trying to find a shopping card in their purse or wallet because their are to many to search through. This card is easy to pick out of a wallet or purse. So this benefits stores also.

This card is loved by Good Morning America, and every other major company that has started using them.  You should try it out for yourself.


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