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Kohls Shmohls...

Updated on August 5, 2016
Boots not toilet habits!!
Boots not toilet habits!!

O Why Can't I Pay?

Don't get me wrong, I love shopping at Kohl's, but why is it such a pain to make a payment?! Don't they want the money?! Who is the CEO and why does their "app" want all kinds of special permissions that popular social apps don't even ask for?! It's like they want to know when and where (plus pics) I have a bowel movement?! What has that got to do with the price of my faux cowboy boots or my choice of undergarments? Oh, okay, undergarments/bowels, I get that, but that shouldn't matter. It's a matter of "I buy, I promise to pay," period. Does Kohl's want paid or not?! I'll be hoodwinked if they need anymore info, heck, they already have my social security number that I willingly gave to them, oops, my bad. Just try and get a hold of their customer service department, I dare you!! They want you to use their fricken app to pay, no if's, and's or butt's (had too!) about it. Yes, I can drive to a local Kohl's to pay, but that takes up my valuable time and energy to do so, plus I travel so that isn't very cost/time effective for me!! Come on guys!! You aren't the only game in town by any stretch of the imagination!! Don't delude yourselves!! Do you want my business or not?!

Hard To Pay

Also, service stations (Kum & Go and Chevron/Texaco) have started a new trend: We usually pay cash for fuel, but opted to use a bankcard instead, no problem, right? Well, these two merchants have now decided to tie up your bank accounts by processing payments for double what you paid. For example, we filled up for $75.00 and they took out the $75 and then tied up an extra $25 to $150 to cover any "non-payment?!" Excuse me?! Too top that off, they don't release these "extra funds" for up to seven days?! I pay for what I purchase and who gave them this "right?" Don't tell me, our "great" president?! What "executive action" did this fall under? (Okay, off topic, sorry.)

Long story short, we will pay cash for everything from now on and will not be patronizing any of the aforementioned establishments ever again.


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