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Kawasaki Bike Insurance

Updated on September 18, 2010

Kawasaki motorcycle insurance is a necessary thing for your own peace of mind, to protect other road users from your actions (legal fee's can add up and accidents happen) and in many states and countries is legally required anyway.

In this hub I will discuss the benefits of insurance, and how to ensure you are actually getting them. That ties up with the types of insurance available, which will cover you for different things. Where to find Kawasaki insurance (how to find the cheapest place that will insure you) and how to lower your insurance bill when it comes to finding quotations.

Types of Kawasaki Bike Insurance

There is 3 primary types of insurance for Kawasaki motorbikes. Third Party, Third Party Fire Theft and Fully Comprehensive, explanations and benefits below.

Third Party

Third Party Kawasaki insurance is the minimum legal requirement in some places and covers other road users. Why do that? Well if you are responsible (accidental or otherwise) for an accident that someone else is involved in, they will want compensation from you. Third party insurance changes 'you' into 'your insurance company', so those monthly payments are suddenly worth the $10k lawsuit you might find yourself in.

Third Party Fire/Theft

This has the same level of cover as third party has for road use, but also covered you in the event of fire (e.g. your garage where your Kawasaki motorbike is stored catches alight) or it gets stolen. It is usually not much more expensive than third party as these events are rare, but well worth paying the little extra for the peace of mind.

Fully Comprehensive

Fully comprehensive Kawasaki motorcycle insurance covers the same as third party fire theft, but also accidents caused by yourself that does damage to your own vehicle or in the event when you can not claim against someone else. It covers other external events too, but be sure to read the small print to clarify this. Many insurance companies won't cover 'acts of God' whether you are religious or not, that means earth quakes, volcanic eruptions and hurricane damage will be coming out of your own pocket to fix. Some insurance companies have taken other exceptions too, so be careful to read. You won't be covered if you cause an accident whilst drink driving for example.

Where to Find Kawasaki Insurance

Insurance companies is of course the obvious reply! however it does pays to shop around. Insurance price comparison websites (or insurance brokers) compare a number of insurance companies to your details and you can see who will cost you the least. Another tip I can give you: instead of buying directly from the price comparison website, go to the website of the insurance company which has given you the best quote for your Kawasaki and enter your details again, the chances are it will be slightly cheaper, as the price comparison websites add a percentage on to make themselves profitable.

If you require more specialist insurance (like on a highly customised Kawasaki Ninja) then you can ask people on your motorcycles internet forum who they are with, or check magazines for specialists.

How to Lower Your Kawasaki Insurance

You can lower your Kawasaki insurance premium in a number of ways. Insurance is a carefully calculated sum that gives you your total. Some things you can not change (like your age and gender), others are difficult (like your address, job or where you keep the vehicle overnight). Changeable things are fitting an alarm to your motorcycle. Traveling on it for less miles (be honest about this) and not adding customisations to your motorcycle


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