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Keep or Give? A Yard Sale Guide

Updated on April 4, 2015

Every time there's a new season coming, fashion trends follow suit. Most of the time, however, people keep on getting more and more new stuff without removing or putting out the old ones. So, they end up with piles of household items, an overflow in the closets, and loads of clutter. Remember that most (or all) material things have an expiry date.

This expiration might mean that it passed its peak for your need or taste. There's no need to be a hoarder and trash your closet or your whole house with unwanted, unnecessary items. Maybe it's time to have a garage sale (also known as a yard sale).

Pick some from your old stuff and put them for sale
Pick some from your old stuff and put them for sale | Source

One Person's Trash is Another's Treasure

You might have experienced going through piles of stuff in your house, that finding the proper ones is a challenge. There are just a lot of unused or stored items that block your view of the things you needed. However, you might feel bad letting go of them because they are still in good shape or a still decent. Remember you might have already forgotten about those things. You might not even know their existence in your house or closet. If this is the case, give those away or better yet, earn some extra money from them.

Your unused or slightly-used things could be another person's new valuable item to find. So, try to take note of the following.

Check through your closet and feel free to declutter
Check through your closet and feel free to declutter | Source

How to know what to keep and what to give?

  1. Clutter Check

Before you pack your things out, try to see and answer the following questions:

  • Is your closet full of clothes you no longer wear?
  • Is your kitchen cabinet full of items you haven't used in a month?
  • Are the things in your storage boxes still useful and working, but you haven't used or opened for the past three months?
  • Is your house overflowing with piles of store-bought items you haven't used in a span of two to three months?

If you answer is all YES for the questions, well it seems that you need to prepare yourself for a sale.

2. Declutter


  • Get everything out! Empty your closet
  • Sort the clothes per piece
  • Put them according to these three things in mind: keep, lose, maybe
  • Properly fold and return the clothes in the keep box/group
  • Get the maybes and check for repair and fit. Then make your final decision if you'll keep it or not. (Reminder: If it doesn't fit you anymore, lose it. Don't make false promises that you'll work to fit to it again, and besides it might be outdated already)
  • Lose: Items here will go to your yard sale.

Other household stuff:

This follows the same steps, however, for electronic appliances or bigger items, you have to check if they are in working condition and if they are still pretty-decent for a re-sell. You don't want to show garbage for your yard sale.

Let go of old items. It might be difficult to let go of things because of sentimental values, but look beyond the moment, and look forward to your clutter-free future.

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What to do for the yard sale?

Here are some simple tips to remember before, during, and after the sale.

1. Prepare the things you'll use

clothing racks
cash box/ belt bag
notebook/ notepad
paper bags for sold items

2. Think of the proper schedule

You have to check when is the best time for your sale. It's ideal to have it on weekends or pay days (15th and 30th). Through this you'll get higher chances of having actual buyers.

Then set up the place for your sale. You need to check your schedule so that you'll have ample time should you be needing to secure a permit. If you have bigger items to sell, better secure a covered court or a clubhouse in your neighborhood. This would require proper procedures in having permits and checking.

3. Invite some of your friends to help

It's better to have extra hands and keep the crowd happy and properly attended. It's not that easy to talk and sell with multiple buyers at the same time.

Call your friends or even relatives to help out. You can even offer the venue where they can also bring their things for sale. All of you would be sharing and making good memories.

Identify the items you're putting on sale and label them
Identify the items you're putting on sale and label them | Source

4. Label your items and make an inventory

This would make it easier for possible customers to check on the items for sale and their budget. Also, you would make it more convenient for your additional help because they don't have to repeatedly ask you about the prices.

Then having an inventory is ideal so that you can account your items properly. This will be your record as well, when your friends or relatives decide to add their own items for sale. You can compute and divide the money fairly.

5. Advertise

With the use of social media, your yard sale news can spread faster to peers and people around your neighborhood.You can post the details about the sale in facebook or twitter. You can even make a simple photo-teaser of the items for sale in instagram. Use your networks to increase your chances for selling.

Aside from those, you can have flyers in your neighborhood or inform your contacts through a text message. This is a good way to advertise your event.

Be prepared to haggle.
Be prepared to haggle. | Source

Be Friendly and Be Open to Haggling

When you face potential buyers, face them with a smile. Make them feel that you are happy to have them around, and not grumpy to have them looking around. Talk to them politely. You could even share some memories or stories about the specific items with them.

Then be prepared for haggling. This is sometimes a great skill of customers. Try to find balance and don't be too stiff with the prices. Remember that you are trying to sell and not to keep those things again.

Donate Others that are Left

When your scheduled sale is done, but you still have things unsold, do not return them inside your home. You already removed them as clutter at home. So, better contact any local organization which can benefit from your items and happily donate them.

Again: One person's junk is another's treasure.


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