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Kenyan Bloggers: Creating Blog Content That is Targeted for Your Specific Audience

Updated on March 9, 2013

Kenya is ranked among the leading African countries in ICT, and not surprisingly the number of Kenyan bloggers is also substantial. It is however dismaying to see very few Kenyans monetizing their blogs through the many affiliate programs available. Of course, it is not that Kenyans don't love money; it isn't that they wouldn't want to rake in an extra online dollar or two as they sit at the comfort at their couches at home. Methinks Kenyans are just too lazy to do research of the trending search topics in the internet. They would rather write fiction and poetry which ranks very lowly in most search engines making it score poorly in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Reading through a few blogs owned by Kenyans it becomes quite easy to point out where the problem lies. In fact, this seems to be the problem with almost every other blogger around the globe- Substandard content; content that is not well (or easy) to optimize for search engine crawlers; Content that is not targeted to any audience at all. Content that the blogger either writes to tickle his fancy or to awe an audience, completely forgetting that search engines need to be awed as much.

Bloggers and other online publishers who pool their efforts towards monetizing their blogs do a shoddy job at it. Their blogs take a very huge scope, Making it hard to realize they potential that comes out of having a keywords-centric blog. For a blogger who is keen on making online income through blogging, the choice of keywords would most probably make or break you.
Having a specific blog niche that you concentrate on and tailor it for your audience (which in this case should be fellow Kenyans) means a lot towards your success as a blogger.

So, which are these Blog Niches That I should Choose?

Certain blog niches are more profitable and marketable than others. For a blogger who is keen on making it big from the blogging platform the question of "Which niche should I choose for my blog?" pops into mind more than once.

Forget about what Ngugi wa Thiong'o or John Kiriamiti says about writing! The truth is that blogging and web publishing are way way too different from the conventional paperback publishing. The rules that govern traditional book publishing do not apply when you get into blogging. Whereas you may publish paperbacks and convince one or two of your fans to buy it, blogging does not accord you such luxuries. It is either that you have written content that is pleasing to both your readers and search engine crawlers or your blog fades into the obliquity of the bottom of SERPs.

To avoid sagging at the bottom of search engine results pages, and to increasing chances of making money from your blog, I suggest you use the Google Zeitgeist page to research what are the search terms most commonly used by your targeted audience. Several webmaster tools also offer quite insightful research on keywords you are thinking of building your blog around.

To help you along your quest, here are a few blog niches that we have identified to be profitable and marketable at the same time:

  1. Blogs about insurance and matters related
  2. Health and self-development blogs
  3. Love and relationships
  4. Trending Television Soapras are also a hit in Kenya
  5. Politics and trending news
  6. Online jobs and ways of making money online
  7. Emerging Technologies and gadgetry

The list above is just but a suggestion of what trends in the blogosphere and you shouldn't take it to be conclusive.

Where to after I have chosen a high-ranking blog niche?

To speak the truth most of the blogs you log-on to for information are written by chaps who have got almost zero experience in the fields they blog about. But how do they manage to sound so professional and convincing?

The answer to this lies in research and extensive reading. Some blogs that do not require extensive technicalities just need you to research and absorb information, then regurgitate it on to your own blog, making it sound professional, and possibly better than the person you 'stole' it from. Add some one-two search optimization into it and you are on your way to topping the SERPs.

Note: Plagiarism any content is punishable by law in almost every country. It won't also do you much good with the search engines, and in no way am I advocating for it. I said research, read and absorb-not copy and paste.

The other pitfall that most Kenyan bloggers actually don't care to avoid is matters concerning search engine optimization (SEO). Most blogs by Kenyan authors are poor in SEO leading to poor ranking and low or no income from online advertising programs and affiliates. Hiring the services of a SEO guru would be worth the online income of a well SEO'ed site. There are also a number of SEO tools available on the web for download either free or at a small cost. At the end of the day, the mantle lies with you as a blogger; why are you into blogging; is it leisure; do you want to monetize your blog or gain audience? If you can answer yes to the two questions above, then it is well worth to do a little bit of investment in terms of research, time and money.


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    • mahingepatrick profile image

      Patrick 4 years ago from Nairobi

      Well said, but if you live in a third world country, money comes primary in starting and running a blog. Expression is secondary. However, it is true that choosing a topic that means a lot to you will keep you in top form writing.

    • mahingepatrick profile image

      Patrick 4 years ago from Nairobi

      Well said, but if you live in a third world country, money comes primary in starting and running a blog. Expression is secondary. However, it is true that choosing a topic that means a lot to you will keep you in top form writing.

    • SidKemp profile image

      Sid Kemp 4 years ago from Boca Raton, Florida (near Miami and Palm Beach)

      This is very good advice to new bloggers everywhere. Note: Many bloggers want to express themselves, and money is secondary. It is good to know about the possibility of making money. And, if you do want to make money, still choose a topic that means a lot to you, or you just won't keep up with the writing.