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Kinds of American Silver Dollar Coins

Updated on August 25, 2011

In 1986, the United States of America was the first country to produce a one ounce silver bullion coin and it became the world’s most popular bullion coin after the big success of the American Eagle gold coin.

The popularity of the American silver coin is because of its beautiful image imprinted. On its obverse, you can see a Lady Liberty in front of a sunrise. On its reverse, you can see an eagle spreading its wings with a shield all over its chest. The pros of this coin include having a quality guarantee from the American government and it is less expensive than the gold. With that, it is easy to understand why these American silver coins perform just as well as gold coins do worldwide.

There are various kinds of American silver coins. There are limited edition coins with colours that show the four seasons. The reverse side of the coin remains the same as the Eagle gold coin but different on their obverse. The American silver coins’ obverse has a Lady Liberty showing symbols (such as autumn leaves and winter snowflakes) and different colours depending on the season next to her. In 2001, these coins were produced and are extremely sought after by most of the coin collectors or investors.

Standing Liberty Silver Dollar
Standing Liberty Silver Dollar

Before 1965, American silver coins which have 90% silver and 10% copper were released and became available for investing. These coins included half-dollars, quarters or dimes which were commonly bought in bags having a common value of a thousand dollars. Purchasers were also given an option of purchasing 1/10 bags ($100), quarter bags ($250) or half bags ($500).

Below is the list of these types of silver coins that are available:


  • 1892-1915 Barber or Liberty Head
  • 1916-1947 Walking Liberty
  • 1948-1963 Franklin Type
  • 1964 Kennedy Type


  • 1892-1916   Barber or Liberty Head
  • 1916-1930   Standing Liberty
  • 1932-1964   Washington Type


  • 1892-1916   Barber or Liberty Head
  • 1916-1945   Mercury Type
  • 1946-1964   Roosevelt Type

You can find these American silver coins from various metal dealers. Your success rate will depend on the coin’s scarcity that you’re looking for. Going online is the most convenient way of buying these kinds of coins. There may be a lot of online metal dealers, but we highly recommend you to go over to They have excellent selections for American silver coins. You just have to bid at the auction of that particular item, and if you win, you’ll surely receive the American silver coins that you want.


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