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L.A. Tan Coupons

Updated on June 18, 2011

Looking to get a tan but need to save money? L.A. Tan coupons can help. Coupons for LA Tan can be found for discounts on tanning packages as well as skin care products and spa and massage services. This page can help locate these coupons to save on your tanning costs.

L.A. Tan Coupon Sources

L.A. Tan offers printable coupons directly from their official website. Examples of savings include: free $50 tanning, discounts on spray tan, and deals on skin care products.You can also sign up for the free newsletter to receive news and notifications of promotions and special offers for L.A. Tan.

Some salons offer discount days and offer a reduced rate on certain days of the week.

Printable coupons can also be found at various coupon websites such as Retail Me Not or 8 coupons. Coupons may also be found in advertising inserts in a local newspaper or in direct mail coupon packages that may include advertising flyers or coupon books.

About L.A. Tan

LA Tan or L.A. Tan is a tanning salon chain and franchise with over 160 locations. These locations are all networked together in order to allow customers to use the services available at any location that is available to them even if they are not at their home store. The stores not only offer tanning booth services but can also provide a quick non ultraviolet spray on tan for those that want to avoid the radiation or who need a quick tan for a special occasion.

They are also skin care specialists and can help you choose the right lotions to maintain both your tan and proper skin health. Certain locations also offer spa and massage services for those who want to obtain as many services as they can at a central location. For those interested in getting and maintaining a tan the company offers different levels of membership based on the type and strength of the tanning booth desired.


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