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Updated on July 1, 2013

The Law of Attraction and how it really works..

The Law of Attraction is working every day in every way......

Everything and everybody is made up of energy. Energy vibrates to different frequencies. Things change for you, when your energy changes, when you resonate on a different frequency. If your energy and frequency stay the same then you will attract the same things into your life at the same level.

Just asking does not do it, many people who watched The Secret movie were disappointed when they did not get what they wanted. The Science of Getting Rich is the manuscript that you see at the beginning of the movie. These teachings written in 1923 were preceded by The Master Keys, written in 1909, teaches a way of being not asking!

You are attracting everyday whether it is conscious or not. Most people direct no real consciousness out to affect what they attract into their lives, therefore leaving their lives to operate on a "victim" or "robotic" basis. The real secret is to take control and mastery of first your vibration and frequency and then your life will automatically change!

So, how to begin, first learn an awareness exercise than can bring you into the NOW moment and out of the past patterns and future fears and illusions. In the NOW moment is where the magic begins. Practicing an awareness exercise each day is the first of the disciplines - remember discipline is not something dished out to you like at school or by your parents - it is an act of being a "disciple" to your own mastery! Having a different take on the word will help you to allow yourself to be disciplined.

Next step, learn a meditation technique, a formal technique that allows your mind to quieten and at the same time allows your Buddhi discriminator mind to become the dominate voice. By meditating you are taking control of your life and your consciousness, your computer mind will no longer control things and give you incessant chatter and allow you to become a better master of your life.

Next step, who is the saboteur around here, most people have a damaged part of them, called the shadow self, built up over years of self preservation. Time to take the walls down and allow your real spirit of consciousness to have control and direction of your life. This step will take you into learning processing techniques to heal your inner child. You are the only healer for your child, dont even consider "empyting your dustbin of complaints" over any bodies head - including your parents. They all did the best they could - its now time for you to do your own healing.

If you are consciously healing and changing your vibration your life will already be changing.

You will be feeling that you are much more wonderful and so deserve the best in life.


Wishing you much magic, abundance and loving relationships....

Linda Joslin

Everything is ENERGY, every thought has a FREQUENCY ...


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