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Ladies, Guard That Card!

Updated on February 11, 2018
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BellatheBall is a Licensed Financial Adviser in Parker, Colorado, and has a BA and an AAS. She is the Mother of 5 and a single parent.

Put Your Money in the Bank!

Don't Become a Target!

As a woman, your income and the money you save, are the most important assets you have, beside your health. It is even more important if you have children to support.

This article will show you how to protect and guard your money, your funds, from being stolen from you by force, fraud, or frolic. Most women are never taught about money in the same way men are. We are not taught how to save, invest, and guard our funds, and that makes us likely to be targets for fraud. Recent studies show that a majority of women feel that financial fraud is inevitable, and cannot be stopped. This is not true! Following a few simple steps, you can greatly reduce the chances you will become a target!

Establish Bank or Credit Union Accounts

Savings and Checkings Accounts

If you don't already have them, get Savings and Checking accounts. I recommend Credit Unions because they are non-profit and are Member owned. Also, most Credit Unions offer low interest loans and financial education for free.

Don't be among the so-called unbanked population. This has many disadvantages. I have heard that some employers pay their employees with a debit card. Don't put up with this. Get a bank account and insist that your earnings go to your account.

DO NOT leave cash laying around your home. Cash cannot be replaced! Money cannot disappear from a bank card. If there is fraud on your bank card, the most you will pay by law is $50. But if someone steals your rent money, you could be evicted.

Love Your Money
Love Your Money | Source

Time to Move On

Now that you have your money safely in the Bank, keep it that way!

Your Personal Identification Number (PIN) is Personal!

I once had a client who gave her PIN to her son to go to the store. He brought along a friend. The friend looked over his shoulder at the checkout and next thing she knew, her bank account was wiped out.

No one is safe. Keep your PIN to yourself, close to your heart. It is private, personal information, not to be shared with anyone.

10 Most Important Steps to Take to Secure Your Funds

  1. Do not keep cash. Only keep small bills for giving out to children. No large amount of cash that can taken from you.
  2. Do not lend your card to others on pain of your life. I don't care if he has been your Boyfriend for 6 months and you love him, don't do it.
  3. Do not give your PIN to anyone, and I mean anyone.
  4. Never give out your bank information to anyone over the phone
  5. Never give out your bank information over the internet
  6. Establish a PayPal account. ( It is free and easy. Once you do this, you can use PayPal to make purchases over the internet and never use your bankcard.
  7. Never give money to men.
  8. In case you weren't listening, I said, never give money to grown men. I don't care what the circumstances are. If they are old enough to be out of college. they are old enough to earn a living.
  9. Every month, save some money. Even if it only a couple of dollars. It will start to add up soon.
  10. And, never, ever give money to a grown man. You have worked too hard and too long. It is your money for your children.

© 2018 BellatheBall

Our Next Financial Lesson Will Be Planning for the Future

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    • profile image


      10 months ago

      Thanks very Much!

    • sangre profile image

      Sp Greaney 

      10 months ago from Ireland

      Good advice for everybody here. I prefer PayPal method of paying for goods as I hate giving my card details online.

    • Diana Lee profile image

      Diana L Pierce 

      10 months ago from Potter County, Pa.

      Good advice. Thanks for sharing.


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