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Laptop Working - Laptop for Work

Updated on May 11, 2011

Working on the go!

I wanted to start this hub by saying that I am practicing work on laptop for when I am working on the go next month, I am leaving next Monday and I think many of my huber friends such as 'FreecampingAussie' are excited to see what I report back. 

I am actually using my laptop in the car on a sunny day in March at the moment and it is not as easy as it sounds but you can still get a lot of laptop work done when traveling. I am parked with a reservoir landscape in front of me and for the most part it has been peaceful, however when I first arrived I was asked by a 4x4 parked next to me if I could help jump start his battery.

After that interruption I powered up my laptop and connected the dongle and I am receiving 2 bars out of 5 on my 3G connection and it is working relatively fast but yesterday I was struggling to get a signal. I also have to keep an eye on my battery life since I only get 2.5 hours which is just enough time to write a 500 word concise article and layout all of the pictures.

Photo courtesy of notionscapital

Many Internet Scams promise you can Earn like this!
Many Internet Scams promise you can Earn like this!

Business Laptops

Amongst noisy passengers and tourists, you know you are also going to get some nosey people who want to know why you are laptop working, however you will learn to switch off from these surroundings because you know your traveling work is to help you benefit. I think the limitations from only having a certain amount of time to write on the go will help me to speed up my hub production technique and I don't think this will compromise the quality because I do tend to daydream a lot so this will help me concentrate.

My goal is to improve my Google Adsense earnings whilst traveling, it is not my only income but I would like to live the dream and plan to do work while reclining in the park like in the photo above!  I have even set a schedule for my laptop work and I will follow this rigorously while I have the time.

Photo courtesy of nazareth_college

Laptop Working

While I can get 2.5 hours of battery life out of my laptop it would be nice if I can find a plug socket on the train journey like in the photos above but this could just be limited to certain train companies or first class coaches.  I did search on Ebay for a spare Laptop battery for my Toshiba Satellite since this would allow me to work as long as I wanted, however if you want laptops for work on the go it is not cheap.

You will need to weigh up the cost of a £125 new laptop battery against your earnings or take your chances on a used battery which I saw for as little as £25.

Photo courtesy of billward

Photo courtesy of kalleboo

Free WiFi in the shower?
Free WiFi in the shower?

Laptop Work Station

Many coffee shops, shopping malls and hotels will offer a laptop work station or free WiFi during your customer visit and I plan to take advantage of these services while I am gone because they are more reliable than the Laptop Dongle wireless.

At present I am paying £2 a day for my '3' mobile dongle and that is relatively good considering the amount of laptop working I get done but don't forget this will run out fast if you waste all of your data allowance on watching videos. This offer only applies 500mb for uploading and downloading and expires at midnight following the day you purchased it.

Below I saw an interesting video for WiFi in Thailand, lets hope it is as good for me when I go there as the video makes out it is!

Photo courtesy of dlisbona


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