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Large Corporations that Help the Needy Financially

Updated on December 14, 2014
Companies like Ebay, Microsoft and Intel have foundations where applications are submitted to get financial assistance for things like college tuition.
Companies like Ebay, Microsoft and Intel have foundations where applications are submitted to get financial assistance for things like college tuition. | Source

Big companies are giving away millions of dollars to those who need it

There are a number of large corporations who give back to the community in the form of money to those who need it. These large companies are there for individuals in need of help with money to make their lives better. Most of these business entities have a philanthropy department responsible for making this process take place smoothly. These are designed especially for those less fortunate souls seeking a hand up in life financially.

Corporate names include big business like Coca-Cola and Microsoft have established foundations responsible for offering assistance with college tuition, medical bills and other obstacles faced by those less fortunate members of society. The money offered through successful business entities comes from private donations and a larger portion from the profits companies realize every year.

Most of these rich companies who help the poor have aligned the company's charitable contributions with corporate foundations. These business units assess the applications received and determine who gets what based on guidelines and regulations they have established.

Money for new business ventures

Anyone with a new business venture that needs an influx of capital should look into EBay. The EBay Corporation is responsible for assisting young up and coming companies in need of capital. Additionally, the corporate foundation pays close attention to donations directed at money needed after natural disasters and other related interests.

Help for persons affected by natural disasters

Anyone exploring ways to find financial support outside of the government assistance with FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) should look toward the EBay Foundation. Established over 10 years ago it sends money to anyone meeting their application standards in need facing financial loss after things such as hurricanes or floods. Application requirements are found through their online application process.

Financial aid help

Higher education is expensive and the cost continues to rise. With our current economy still struggling, a number of individuals are seeking help with college tuition. Companies such as EBay, Microsoft and Intel have segments of their foundations set aside to provide monies for anyone who needs support with paying for higher education.

The Oracle Foundation is a company bringing a focus in aiding students with help to pay for college with an interest in technology. This online learning platform has combined over 80 different partners for scholarships and grants to further this agenda.

Starbucks is a name synonymous with coffee. However, they also give support for lending a monetary hand with college tuition. Community service is also part of the strategy of the company’s vision to give help to the needy.

Medical bill help for those who need it

Medical bills are a growing reason for most persons filing bankruptcy. The Coca Cola Foundation has set aside huge amounts of monies to help those unable to pay for medical costs. They offer assistance with payment for medical bills. The Coca Cola Company has given away almost $700 million since they started their program in 1984 with their financial structures in place to aid anyone qualifying for the monies.

Women in need of money

Women are a special member of society in which these companies want to invest. Women who look for financial help turn to the Intel Corporation for money. Search the online criteria established by Intel to determine what steps to take to qualify. Most are women who have not had much luck through other sources.

In conclusion

These are only a few examples of big business giving back to the communities around our nation and the world. With the vast amount of profits seen each year through consumer support, they have taken the stance to give something back in the form of helping the needy with money.

The almighty dollar makes the world go round and by investing financially in all of our futures through helping the needy; we all see a profit in the long run.

Nearly all of these have an online presence through a website. A quick Google search will reveal the cash help for the needy and how to apply for it. Two of the largest necessities the poor face in our country today are paying for medical bills and higher education. However, many of the big business around the globe also help with things like starting a business, monetary hardship and other basics countless citizens of the nation face living in or near the poverty level of income.


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    • Jamie Brock profile image

      Jamie Brock 5 years ago from Texas

      Interesting. I had no idea that so many big companies lend a helping hand to those less fortunate. Thank you for sharing :)