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Largest Mega Millions Jackpot For Americans To Date - $500 Million

Updated on April 3, 2012

$500 Mega Millions Jackpot

Mega Millions Jackpot - $500 Million

Imagine its March 31, 2012, the $500 million dollar jackpot concluded the night before at 7:45pm, and you're on your way to check your winning numbers at the liquor store on the corner near your house. The barcode on your ticket scans a winner. Before feinting to the floor thinking your ticket might be snatched by a thief, you check all five numbers including the mega number exactly twenty-three times and to your surprise, you buy a gallon of milk and leave the store secretly as the winner.

On your way out of the store, you hear the store owner shouting in the background that his store sold the winning ticket. You begin to think what to do with all that money. Your thoughts begin blinking fast in your head: work, family, the kids, the husband, the wife, your brother, your sister, or just you and only you. Then you think about buying things you never had before: a house, a car, a boat, a business, starting your own business, etc.

Your heart beats erratically as you soak in all the excitement and just before you return home, as you open the front door, your neighbor asks' if you won the jackpot. You lie to the old lady by saying no and close the door on her. A second later, you open the door again and tell her the truth, on top of the verbal agreement you made with her earlier about giving her $1 million dollars if you won the jackpot.

When the $500 million dollars finally deposits into your Bank of America checking account in the next 30 days, you go back to the old lady and hand her the check. The widow accepts the gift with gratitude and tells you that as much as her old age will allow, she will help the community orphans so the future can be filled with at least some good people.

Twenty years later, you're down to $80 million dollars left in your Bank of America checking account, the same account the jackpot went into. You turn on the television in your living room after unpacking from your recent trip and in the news is that same old lady. The blonde reporter says she died of old age but has opened community orphanages across the country. Before her last breath, she says a man who handed her a million dollars made all of this possible.


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