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Las Vegas Real Estate Investor Training-Part Three

Updated on January 13, 2012

Cashing In on the River Card

Day three of the Las Vegas Inner Circle bonus period of the 1:1 students was relatively a short, but effective day. We worked from Brent's office again, but spent the majority of the time reviewing Merit Realty's list of pocket REO's. I had Jackee and Brent spend the morning running the numbers and pulling comps on the properties in the areas of Las Vegas that we were interested in buying in. I had Jeremy focus on Craigslist ads again to help find buyers and sellers.

Jackee and Brent were able to identify around 40 REO's for us to make offers on and after reviewing some of the numbers with them, we moved on and reviewed several deals that a client of Brent's had sent him. The properties were in the Phoenix and Atlanta areas but were not very attractive due to their over incumberness and high payments.  We discussed that there were a lot better deals out there for him to review. 

After reviewing those deals, I showed Jackee, Jeremy, and Brent which is a private money website.  I scanned thru the postings and identified two potential private investors that I emailed out to.  Brent and Jackee both signed up for the website and we discussed several ways to find private investors on the website.  After doing that, we headed back to the Golden Nugget to catch the last part of the 1:1 Inner Circle Hot Seat Day with Bob Leonetti, Jayme Kahla, and the rest of the Real Estate Profit Coach team.

Real Estate Profit Coach

Las Vegas Inner Circle Day Three Wrap Up


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