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Las Vegas Real Estate Buying Tour

Updated on May 23, 2011

Lorena Gerlach here in Las Vegas with the Real Estate Profit Coach gang: Bob Leonetti, Jayme Kahla, Roland Frasier, Scott Carson and Jason Schubert to purchase properties for our own portfolio and wholesale a few deals to pay for our trip. We are joined by our 10 residential inner circle students who will be working with us on these deals: Brent Tyler, Ilene Durbin, Jackee and Ron Benson, Rosemary and Ray Miller, Sandra and Bill Graves, Jeremy Streeter and David Meier.

We joined up with our students, received a pep talk from Bob and divided us into groups selected by each coach drawing names from a hat. Seriously! With our teams in place, we split up to starting working on our task: finding homes to control, finding end buyers to sell homes to and to raise private money for homes we would control.

My group consisted of Ilene Durbin, Rosemary Miller, Sandra Graves and Ron Benson. We set up base camp in my room at the Golden Nugget. Ron drove from California, and had his printer to donate to the cause. My innovative team members acquired a room service table and an additional chair to make the room more functional.

We reviewed our goals and I showed the team how to quickly reach out and touch hundreds of investors to get our message out. The first step was to join the local Meetup groups. is an online social network that has clubs on specific topics of interest. Check out my blog on how to utilize Meetup.

I joined 8 Las Vegas Real Estate and Investing Meetup groups and contacted over 350 local area investors in approximately 20 minutes using this marketing technique. Now that’s what I call leverage!

I knew Scott and Jason would immediately start posting their Craigslist ads, so my team took a different approach. Some of us logged onto Craigslist and began calling on FSBOs in the real estate for sale section. Some of us called on the warm leads from distressed homeowner generated by my assistant prior to our trip. I gave all team members a property information sheet to keep the lead information organized.

All this activity resulted in several strong leads including an investor with three properties to sell and a very colorful seller we nicknamed Vegas Rose, but that’s a story for another time!

Investors At Work
Investors At Work

Talking With A Homeowner


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