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Las Vegas Real Estate Investor Training-Part Four

Updated on February 13, 2011

Watching the Deals Pour In

Day four saw us coaches (Jason, Lorena, and myself) assist in the kick off of the Path to Profits workshop in Las Vegas.  We were able to make it up to Lorena's room around 11 am with Brent, Jackee, and Ron and started working on the leads that we had discovered the previous couple of days.  

We had narrowed down the list of potential REO's substantially along with the number of short sales as well.  I put together a short sale list and emailed it over to Brent to write contracts on while Ron and Jackee worked on putting some contracts together.  After a while, Jason and Ron made some phone calls and identified a couple potential subject to deals from visiting with some motivated sellers who had responded to Jason's Craigslist ads. 

The day was basicly spent working on narrowing down the list of deals, getting contracts together, along with returning and making calls to other realtors on their short sale listings.  The conference was off to a great start as well as Bob, Jayme, and Roland kept the rest of the remaining students busy with marketing, notes, and real estate investment topics that were up to date and prevalant for the current market. 


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