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Las Vegas Real Estate Investor Training-Part Five-Wrapping It Up!

Updated on January 18, 2011

Las Vegas

Wrapping It All Up

The week of teaching 50 Las Vegas Real Estate Training to Investors has gone by quickly! Jason, Lorena, and myself (with the help of Brent, Jackee, and Ron) have over 63 offers in on REO's and Short Sales and quite a few subject to deals that we are kickin' around as well. While we were busy most of the time up in Lorena's hotel room working on contracts, numbers, and putting deals together, Bob, Jayme, and Roland were busy teaching.

I was fortunate to get some stage time with Jayme on the 2nd to last day for the final 3 hours as we taught the class how to contact secondary marketing directors for REO's and defaulted paper. We had the class role play on both sides of the conversation along with giving the classroom an actual phone call that they could learn from.

After that, Jayme and I wrapped the 2nd to last day by teaching the class how to ask correctly for private money from the students database. We had the students role play as well with their partners along with having a few students roll play with me at the front of the class.

The final day was highlighted at noon by catching Bob Leonetti by suprise with a birthday celebration!  We as coaches wrapped up the week with over 63 offers under contract between REO's, Short Sales, and a few sub to's with the help of Jason's help!  Let's see how many we can close!

A Few 1:1 Students


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    • profile image

      1scottcarson 8 years ago

      You do a great job to Lorena! There is no ay we would have gotten the offers in without you working the students hard!

    • LorenaGerlach profile image

      LorenaGerlach 8 years ago from Dallas, TX

      You always do a great job on stage, Scott! Role playing with students really helps them remember what to do and say when they get back home!