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Legal Off Grid Land

Updated on July 13, 2015

You Can Find Legal Off Grid Land For Your RV

A markerHorntown, VA -
Horntown, VA 23395, USA
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This is a deeded RV park located in Horntown VA.

Living In A RV Off Grid

If you are searching for a piece of off grid land that you can live on with only your RV you have come to the right place. Many cities in the USA do not allow full-time residency in an RV on privately owned land. However, there is a loop hole. Privately owned land of this type that allows for permanent residency in an RV is called “RV Deeded” land.

RV deeded land is not the same as a trailer park. Many of these properties are private or gated communities allowed by the state. Some of the properties I have looked at this far include: Septic, Water, and Electric. If your goal is to be off the grid then you don’t have to hook up to the water and electric.

I recently visited a place called Trails End which is a deeded RV park in Horntown Virginia. I looked at four or five different properties. My plans this year include looking at more deeded land in my area.

Some people are living off the grid in an RV on privately owned land but it is being done illegally. In the state of Delaware, where I live one can live in an RV if there is a primary structure that passes the state’s housing codes. So an option in Delaware could be to rent out the primary structure and carve a piece of backyard for your RV. Another option is to ask a family member for a piece of their backyard.

So far I have looked in Delaware and Virginia for off grid property. If you know of another location please list it in the comment section.

My Idea Off Grid Homestead

My idea off grid location would include the following:

  • Over 1/2 acre of land
  • Existing septic system
  • Existing well
  • Existing shed (wish list)
  • Purchase price under $20,000

If I have the above items I can provide the rest.

2006 Aliner LXE

Boondocking in Georgia
Boondocking in Georgia | Source

Off Grid Land



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