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Legit Companies Hiring Work Home Customer Service J to Z

Updated on November 24, 2014

Finding Real Work Home Jobs

Finding genuine work home jobs is not easy but once you get the hang of it, you'll become a natural. There are many sites that you can look to that already supplies a helping amount of work home leads doing all the work for you. Here are some trusted sites for you to start with.

Rat Race Rebellion - Highly reputable site that started in 1999 and specializes specifically in home-based leads. They have fresh leads daily and archives all of the old ones.

Real Ways to Earn Money Online - This is an awesome site that lists daily work home leads as well as a work home job directory. Check it out.

FlexJobs - This is a professional job service that helps applicants find flexible work options easily. Every lead and hand-screened.

Hire My Mom - A group of mom professionals who are dedicated to helping moms find legitimate home based employment.

Work at Home Adventures - This site lists a great work home directory as well as a job board with daily leads.

Genuine Jobs - This site has been around awhile and offers great work home leads for those seeking virtual employment.

Work at Home Mom Revolution - Respected blog that has great work home information and fresh daily leads.

Work at Home Success - I love that this website not only provides daily leads but also tips on how to land a great work home job and how to successfully work from home.

Customer Service Jobs K - N

Kelly Services - Hires work homers for customer service and tech support. There are requirements. Find out what they are here.

Live Ops - Hires independent agents to provide call center services from home. This company pays at a rate of .25 per minute talk time.

Lifebushido - Work starts at 5 hours per week and then gradually increases to 20 hours. The company is run solely by people working part-time from home.

Maritz Research - This company hires agents to work from home with a landline phone and a quiet background. The pay is minimum wage for whatever state the applicant resides in.

MicahTek - Hires Oklahoma residents only to work from home. If you reside in OK, check it out.

NCO Group - This company hires home-based agents to deliver outstanding service to clients all over the world.

NextRep - Hires agents to handle a variety of tasks as inbound and outbound sales reps, customer consultants, virtual receptionists and more.

Next Level Solutions - Looking for virtual independent agents starting at a wage of $8.00 an hour.

Neiman Marcus - This company has a work home program that allows agents to engage in providing customer service from home.

Next Wave Advocacy - Hires work home for telephone outreach. The great thing about this company is that you do not have to have experience to apply. So go for it.

Creating Your Work Home World

Are you already working outside your home? If so, have you ever thought about talking with your current employer about working from home. A friend of mind did this even before the actual job was created. He is now successfully working from home with the same company doing just about the same thing just with a different environment. Work Options has a great telecommuting proposal for you to offer to your boss. Or if you're like me - just do some research and perform the work yourself.

Customer Service Jobs O - S

O'Currance - This company offers agents ongoing sales and product training that will allow the agent to become an expert in a given field. This is not outbound calling but does seem to be sales driven.

OnPoint Advocacy - Agents at this company work on interesting projects that includes no sales or fundraising. All calls are outbound so no waiting for calls to come in. And compensation is not based on sales quotas or number of calls dialed.

Paragon Planners - Entry level appointment setters in this company seem to start out at $12 an hour while experienced phone reps earn an average of $14 an hour.

Pleio GoodStart - In this position, agents will assist clients with handling their medication. There is an aptitude test with a score of 85% that must be taken before beginning to work with this company.

Service800 - This company hires agents to work in the following states only Florida, Minnesota, Texas, Wisconsin. You must have the ability to work 20-30 hours per week on consecutive days.

Sitel - This company hires in many states. Must have a DSL or cable modem and be free from distractions.

Sutherland Cloudsource - This company contracts with other companies to offer employees many different work home positions.

Starwood Hotels - Call centers are available 24 hours a day seven days a week. This company offers flexible work home options.

Smart Office Solutions - This company has remote and on-site positions for agents. Operators assist national and international clients with light customer service.

StarTek - Offers full paid training, benefits, paid holidays, and flexible scheduling.

Support - This company hires agents for tech support and offers benefits including employee assistance and education assistance.

Wait... Working from Home Means I Actually Have to Work?

This should go without saying but it always baffle me that when people request information on working from home, their perception doesn't actually involve working. Please note that it is work, an actual job that you will have to show up for. Yes, of course - in your pajamas. But you still have to be present and do the job you were hired for. As with anything, there will be advantages and disadvantages. Being able to work at home doesn't mean your job will be easier. It only means that hopefully, it will be more convenient. Take a hard look at where you are now and genuinely consider if working from home is your best option.

Customer Service Jobs T - Z

TeleTech - This company has an array of opportunities and offer agents the chance to communicate with a diverse range of clients.

U-Haul - Did you know that U-Haul offers applicants the flexibility to work from home in an e-Sales position? These are part-time call center opportunities. Log on and apply today.

Ver-a-Fast - This company hires customer service reps to who have subscribed to newspaper subscriptions to see if they are satisfied with it.

VIP Desk - This company always hires home based agents to provide home based customer service.

West-at-Home - Agents are responsible for receiving and processing incoming calls for numerous clients.

Westat - Pay range for phone agents range from $8.25 to $10.25 an hour.


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