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Legit Companies Hiring for Work Home Customer Service D to I

Updated on November 24, 2014

Getting to the Chase....

When it comes to working from home, the idea of riches and wealth comes to mind for some people. It shouldn't. I want you to take all the responsibilities you have a your current brick and mortar job and now channel that towards a work at home career. The difference: the commute of course. But along with the commute comes a bit more.

Look at it this way. Your house is your castle. Your palace. Your place of comfort, rest, and relaxation. Not work. But if you're going to venture in the work home arena, all you ever thought about your palace has to change. You have to be disciplined, consistent, and professional - yes, at home.

Can you do this? If your home is filled with a host of constant activity, noise, drama, and ruckus, you may want to consider a work home career not associated with phone orders or customer service. Take a moment to consider what would be the best opportunity for you based on your atmosphere, background, and personal preferences.

Customer Service Jobs D - I

Direct Interactions - Answer calls from motorists and clients with unpaid parking tickets.

Enterprise-Rent-a-Car - Reservation sales reps start off at $11 while customer service reps start off at $12 an hour. Expect to work a full 40 hours a week including weekends.

Expert Planet - Agents earn an average of $12 - $15 an hour through hourly pay and performance based commission.

Generation Sales Group - If you have experience in telemarketing or sales, then you should apply to become an agent for this company. They are always looking for new employees and offer flexibility, benefits, and customer support.

Global Wired - Hires agents for work home opportunities with schedules that tailor around your lifestyle.

Great Virtual Works - Work from home. Be your own boss. Must get certified with this company before beginning.

Grindstone - This company recruits the best talent to work with them for outbound telemarketing work. Applicants must have a minimum of three years verifiable outbound telemarketing experience prior to filling out an application.

Higher One - This company regularly hires home-based customer service agents. Must have a flexible schedule. Previous call center or banking experience a plus. Under careers, view all opportunities to locate position.

Hilton Worldwide - Hires Work Home agents in Texas and Florida.

Hire Point - Base pay starts at $13 an hour. Landline phone is required.

Hire Page - This company hires remote customer service agents with at least two years of desk customer service experience. Typing must be 50wpm or more.

Home Shopping Network - Hires work home agents in different states. When searching make sure to search all jobs and input home in the keyword field leaving all others blank.

Ipsos - This company hires market research interviewers from the state of Kentucky only.

Intuitive Solutions - This company work home agents to take pizza phone orders.

Intelemark - Hires business development agents to work from home. Offers flexible scheduling.

IAC - This company hires home advisors with inbound as well as outbound calling. The agent has a chance to earn significant commissions while providing customer service as well as quality sales support. Make sure to put home in the search field and leave all others blank.

Work from Home Equipment

Make sure that you have all the software and equipment necessary for working from home. It's a good idea to purchase a quality headset along with all the current software needed for your PC. This will speed up the application process in the event certain types of software is necessary prior to starting.

Check out the rest of the list for more work from home customer service companies.


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