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Legitimate Work From Home Job Types

Updated on January 27, 2014

Everyone wants to work from home these days, and it’s hard to blame them. Working from home often gives you flexibility over how many hours you work, when those hours are, and where exactly you want to work from. Legitimate work from home jobs can give people the flexibility they need to take care of families, pursue other interests and hobbies, and even travel around the world.

I’m in the latter category of work from home job seekers. I want location flexibility so I can travel without breaking the bank. And while I’m still stuck at my forty-hour-a-week desk job, I have found some legitimate work from home jobs.

I’m currently working two legitimate work from home jobs in the writing and editing categories in my spare time, just to make some extra money before I take that big leap and quit my day job. If you’re thinking about part-time work, or even full-time freelancing or virtual work, consider a few of these legitimate work from home jobs.

  1. Web Developer or Designer - I wish I liked programming or web design, because this field is a gold mine for anyone who wants to work from home. There are so many people hiring programmers, IT gurus, and web designers these days. You can do this work as long as you have the software and computer requirements, along with the technical know-how that companies are asking for. Unfortunately I fall short in that final category, so if you’re interested in this type of job you’ll have to do the rest of the research yourself.
  2. Writer - Writing is one of the easiest and most common legitimate work from home jobs you’ll find. All you need is an internet connection and your laptop, and you can write documents from anywhere. When it comes to writing, you can either get a steady freelance or independent contractor position with a company that has relatively constant work for you, or you can go to sites like, which will help you find freelance writing assignments by the project.
  3. Editor - See the above notes on writing. You can edit documents from anywhere as long as you can load them onto your computer. Like writing, you can get a steady gig or work by the project on sites like
  4. Translator - This is what I’d do if I had the skills. Translation jobs are abundant, and many of them are completely virtual. If you have a second, third, or fourth language, look into this. It’s a great option.
  5. Phone Sex Operator - This may not be your thing, but it’s a real option. Depending on if you go with a company or start an operation on your own, you could make some serious money being a phone sex operator. The only problem is that you usually need a land-line telephone, so it may not be ideal for traveling. I’m looking into cell phone options, though. They have to exist, right?
  6. Teacher - If you’re going overseas, consider teaching English. You can teach English in South Korea, China, or Thailand. You can also teach English online via different websites. Some will assign you English students, while others let you find your own students, and simply provide a portal through which to find them. You’ll have better luck getting a job teaching English if you have a TEFL or TESOL certificate, but it’s not completely necessary. If you’re extra lucky and are a licensed teacher in the United States then you can just go virtual, and get a regular teaching job at an online school.
  7. Transcriptionist - Transcriptionists type audio files or input technical coding information. The most common type of transcriptionist is a medical transcriptionist, but since medical transcription involves a lot of coding you’ll likely need a certificate or degree in the field before you can get started. You can get ordinary audio transcription jobs if you’re an excellent listener and typer, though. If that’s what you want, check into and Way With Words.
  8. Sales Agent - It shouldn’t come as a surprise that if you’re a great salesman or woman, you can get a high paying virtual job fairly easily. All you usually need is a phone, internet, and a computer.
  9. Administrative Assistant - Administrative assistants take care of filing, e-mails, telephone calls, travel plans, and whatever else a business or individual needs. You’ll need a phone, computer, and generally a printer and scanner combo, ideally one that can double as a fax machine. I saw more openings for this position the last time I researched work from home jobs, but there are still options out there.
  10. Photographer, Blogger, etc. - I’m lumping a few jobs into this category because they have even more of a freelance vibe than the other jobs on this list. There is absolutely no guarantee you’ll make any money from these jobs at all. But you could, and if you do, they’re amazing. If you’re interested in blogging, give HubPages a try. As most bloggers on this site already know, you can make some money off of ads if you’re a dedicated and popular blogger. It’s not much, but it’s something. You can also look into websites and companies like, which recruits freelance business bloggers, and, which lets you sell photography and art.

These aren’t the only legitimate work from home jobs out there, of course, but they are the ones that ordinary people (without radiology or pharmaceutical skills, etc) might be able to realistically pursue. There are some great options out there, and while it may take some digging and a few months of constant applications, you can find legitimate work from home jobs that will help you make some extra money.


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    • Teresa J Davis profile image

      Teresa Davis 2 years ago from Lufkin, TX

      Would have been nice if you could have offered more bussinesses other than just Odesk.

    • lisavanvorst profile image

      Lisa VanVorst 4 years ago from New Jersey

      Very informative article. Good to know. Thanks


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