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Lenovo Zuk Z1 rating: smartphone worth owning less than 5 million price range

Updated on March 29, 2016

Lenovo Zuk Z1 has a very long way from Dubai to Vietnam currently. Zuk is a trademark of Lenovo and smartphone called Zuk Mobile was launched. The original price of $ 350 per Zuk Mobile, then was adjusted when docked powerful and Vietnam through distribution channels Lazada called Z1 comes Zuk 7.99 million price. Considering the time in September last year, this is not really the price too "good deal" for the middle of the Lenovo smartphone is the experience whether this device brings can be said is very good. Sluggish sales is a clear proof. So the reappearance of Zuk Z1 nothing special?

The answer still lies in the price, fell to 3 million compared with the previous point, Zuk Z1 smartphone is worth owning just under 5 million, although in this segment, Lenovo products facing very many opponents stunned as ASUS ZenFone family, Mirror Oppo 5, Xperia M4 Aqua, Lumia 640XL ... even portable products Xiaomi. Unlike fixed products at cheap prices, Lenovo Zuk is a product Z1 whacked segment midrange and high-end approach, the configuration of the machine is very high, then adjust the selling price. Therefore, it may affirm, experience that this product will bring formidable than many of the smartphone below 5 million. The following assessment will show that part.

Previously, we also mentioned Zuk form Z1 white version, but this is the portable version and canned goods also very different from the genuine FPT distribution. Box is made of square format, spacious and more luxurious. Techz version which owns gray hand (similar to gray space on the iPhone 6 or 6S), surface roughness backs made of plastic, feels holding firmer than the white color smoothed. Besides, the gray dorsal side also supports more fingerprints, luxury and in which "plastic" than. Lenovo will better complement the metal material on the back, creating a beautifully homogeneous block. However, it is only reasonable to bring a plastic material, surrounded by the metal rim roughness similar to the iPhone.

The back is made of plastic rough, curved board feels better holding

Part of the bezel resemble the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus

The use of the plastic back will help manufacturers reduce cost and weight optimized for the device. In fact, the Z1 was completed back Zuk great damage, minimize creaking phenomenon, brought a product to make sure, easy to handle, thin and not too heavy. The sides are designed with soft rounded aluminum metal with sharp cut diamond, luxury. If you do not look closely, many will confuse this contour with the iPhone 6 Plus when the size of the two machines are similar.

A large area of ​​the front for screen diagonal length of 5.5 inches, the bottom is the same 2 Home button touch pad. Lenovo only allow two touch-sensitive display is as bright spots, the right is the back key and the left is the multitasking key. Physical Home button is quite large due to integrated fingerprint sensor. Except in the design point of Zuk Z1 is the Home button is quite stiff and difficult to press but in return, it will have a beautiful front than if overall.

Luxury diamond beveled borders

Except that the second point is the bottom edge of the machine is very thick, it is unclear why Lenovo did so. There is a fairly large amount of excess area from the top down Home until the edges of the screen. It seems that due to the lack of uniformity in the design of the motherboard, battery and screen Z1 Zuk. Overall, Zuk Z1 owns more harmony in design, quality finishing well, create the detailed seamlessly between plastic and metal frame, rugged and just hand.

Zuk logo, a brand from Lenovo

Above the 13MP main camera back is the same phrase dual LED flash

Lower edge is USB Type C, speakerphone and voice mic. Design is no different this section an iPhone

The left side is the SIM slot, supports 2-SIM and microSD card not included

All of the hard keys are located in the right edge

Zuk Z1 possesses 5.5 inches screen, Full HD resolution

Home Hardware keys are integrated fingerprint sensor, besides the two multitasking key, back key touch as bright dots

Above the screen is the 8MP selfie camera, speaker phone and touch sensor clusters

Zuk Z1 possesses a 5.5 inches screen resolution of Full HD, so far, this is the size and resolution of the standard for the mid-range smartphone. Achieve 401ppi pixel density for sharp visibility, and especially not QHD screen battery power as current premium. Lenovo brought to a screen with 396 nits brightness and dynamic contrast ratio reached 1000: 1 - the inadequate parameters. Contrast ratio is much lower than the Lenovo K3 Note and Note 2 redmi in the same segment of less than 5 million.

The display quality is very good on Z1 Zuk

In fact, the ability to display color on Z1 Zuk relatively accurate, harmonized and clear. Maybe you will be satisfied with this display capabilities, when compared with products coming from as redmi Xiaomi Note 3, Mi 4C, Zuk screen Z1 slight advantage on the inside, but better color loss of brightness. Nevertheless, when used in areas with bright intensity, outdoor mode is activated, Zuk Z1 will also display perfectly. However, if equipped with a hardware solution would probably be better, like such ClearBlack technology, which is lacking in Zuk Z1.

One point should be mentioned that the international version Z1 Zuk by FPT Distribution is operated on Cyanogen OS platform. The platform adds features to the elevator LiveDisplay from 6500K to 5200K. Users can completely change the screen color preference via this feature. However, the maximum brightness of 383 nits only.

Also, LiveDisplay allows setting two color modes, one for daytime and one nighttime use. When set, Zuk Z1 will customize over time that give color mode to protect the users eyes.

Lenovo chose the Snapdragon 801, a chip of Qualcomm's previous top with good performance and bring respectable battery life. Whether Snapdragon 8xx line had reached 810 at the Z1 Zuk released, however, use the Snapdragon 801 is a smart move by Lenovo, saving the cost of production, but still offers a strong product, meeting adequately the needs of consumers.

In the segment of less than 5 million today, all of Xiaomi smartphones owns 808 Snapdragon processor that is rated higher than the Snapdragon 801 on Lenovo products, remaining competitors are less able to break Z1 through Zuk. Most of them are equipped with 8-core processor based on the Cortex-A53 and low power GPU. In addition, Z1 Zuk also owns up to 3GB RAM. In general, with such a configuration, the user does not need to be too worried about the possibility of processing, gaming and entertainment on the Z1 Zuk.

Recalling a little, Snapdragon processor 801 is 4 people Krait 400, clocked at 2.5 GHz. Experiment with Basemark OS 2.0, Zuk Z1 brings the overall performance achieved in 1180 is higher than redmi Xiaomi Note 3 (1067) and Lenovo K3 Note (984). However when considering single-core performance and multi-core, Zuk Z1 again much lower than the two products are compared above.

Basemark 2.0

AnTuTu Benchmark Scores v6.0

Graphics, Adreno 330 assigned only to 1080p resolution giving relatively good performance, of course, here we have a smartphone using the same Adreno 330 QHD display is LG G3, Zuk graphics performance on Z1 is so much better. Still, the ability to handle the Adreno 330 GPU is only equivalent to the current medium. Experiment with 3D gaming with graphics processing requires heavy as Modern Combat 5, Asphalt 8, Dead Trigger, Zuk Z1 meet perfectly at 25+ FPS, Combat private Moderan 5, status shock lag sometimes happened, which is perfectly understandable.

Overall, Lenovo wise choice 801 Snapdragon processor, a processor used to head the list in the past. Even now, this processor delivers performance similar to the mid-range processors today, however, the overall strength of the chip is still very respectable. Nevertheless, there are still the weakest point, that was the OpenGL ES 3.1 support, but this is not so important because the current application can be backward compatible with the old platform.

These are just the statistics, "dry", in fact, a product like Zuk Z1 can do more, it runs smoothly, powerful, heaviest meet the current game without encountering a difficulty. Comes with 3GB RAM that will bring better multitasking capabilities with a memory capacity of 64GB, which cost less empty than 5 million property.

Lenovo has Zuk Mobile development team affiliated with Cyanogen to perfect user interface as well as the features on the international Z1. ROM running on CyanogenMode with Android interface is nearly identical to the original, adding custom features, read called Cyanogen OS. The main difference of the international version of the app is an exclusive, concurrent use by Cyanogen Google Play services giant was seeking certification. Therefore, users do not need to pay attention to the issue updates as well as compatibility in separate markets.

The applications are arranged alphabetically, swipe from top to bottom

Zuk ran ZUI Z1 in China instead of Cyanogen, ZUI be customized to suit the user in this country. Previously, was also on hand Techz Z1 Zuk ran ZUI, generally, the operation on the customization and ease of use are not possible as Cyanogen. With the international version, the icon is designed to look flat, easy to see, spreadsheet applications are arranged vertically and sorted by alphabet. Zuk default font in Z1 quite thin and difficult to see, users need to adjust a bit to be able to better use.

Zuk Z1 uses Trebuchet launcher, almost all features are set in the settings, Want quick access to settings, hold the home screen in approximately 1 second, then a pop-up navigation panel. Here you can choose wallpaper, widgets, settings. When pulled over will have more choices in the main screen as the search bar, slide effects, icon labels ... .. All very simple and accessible.

Simple lock screen, display complete information, quick, compact

Cyanogen brought plenty of options for users to unlock Zuk Z1, option 3 icons at the bottom of the screen for quick access, or call camera. Besides, users will use the Home key fingerprint in quickly, the speed of the machine fingerprint area very fast, sensitive and not to take actions. All in less than a second.

Since this is the mod should ROM features like Double-Tap (click 2 times to open) is also supported, it will use the sensor to prevent accidental unlocking your phone when in pockets. A noteworthy feature on Cyanogen OS is the ability to customize DPI screen, a smaller DPI will show more applications on the same page, of course, the font will look more difficult.

In general, for people who have ever used across multiple Android devices as well as or up the mod from Cyanogen ROMs, Cyanogen OS really accessible. Even those new, basic features, the development team "exposed" and customized quickly. The user's fingerprint that is set up, then choose interface according to your preferences and use.

Camera is the dominant concern of Zuk and Z1, a cheap smartphone is equipped with a 13MP sensor, the lens system 5, dual LED flash and the ability to stabilize the optical image (OIS). No products in rates below 5 million to get this. Not to mention the front camera of the products also reached 8MP image detail and color is relatively good. In fact, the photos from the camera after on Zuk Z1 very good, detailed and true color. Ability good white balance, saturation but is not really high, purple fringing appearing in many different circumstances.

Impressed with the camera's a cheap product

Sensors used on the Sony IMX 214 Zuk Z1 with aperture F / 2.2, 1:12 micron size, this is the most common sensor today. However, the biggest difference lies in processing algorithms. The ability to capture the night on Zuk Z1 is very good, the light is perfect push, of course, a huge noise will appear, if there is a bit of experience, exposure on areas with intense, beautiful photos will become than.

Panorama mode really disappointing, even if your actions are accurate, these details are not shown as expected.

Typical applications of Cyanogen camera with extremely minimalist interface with three keys including shooting, video recording and paronama. The application allows you to change from automatic mode, HDR until effects like Aqua, Emboss, Sketch or Neon just one swipe on the screen. These effects will be user customized to suit your needs.

In the settings, we can choose the image size, image quality (low quality option to adjust capacity, but with 64GB you should choose the highest level). At the raise will have more selection possibilities in focus, face recognition is recommended, while touch focus, custom ISO, auto exposure and other features enable a frequency selection scans.

Camera ownership selfie 8MP resolution for detailed image quality than most of the smartphones on the market today, but, angle is not really wide, similar effects camea ago.


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