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Lessons Learned From a 30 Day Hub Challenge

Updated on August 25, 2014
Getting organized for a Hub Challenge.
Getting organized for a Hub Challenge.

My Hub Challenge

Today marks Hub 30 (and Day 30) of a 30 Day Hub Challenge. I brainstormed and wrote 30 hubs in 30 days, promoted the Hubs via Pinterest and Twitter, and did weekly write-ups on my freelance writing blog. You can read more about my HubChallenge process here:

My Hub Challenge: Did I Meet My Goals?

At the outset, I identified the following goals:

1.To increase my revenue stream on HubPages by publishing more Hubs

2. To earn pocket change and develop a passive income stream

3. To see if I earn more by posting more content on HP

Specifically, I wanted to earn $2 in HubPages earnings during the 30-day period.

Did I meet this goal? Unfortunately, no. Over the 30 days of the HubChallenge, I earned $1.65.

I did double my followers, from 7 at the start of the challenge to 14 at the conclusion.

The challenge spanned the months of July and August. Total July earnings were $1.01 and August (thus far) $1.24. During the months of May and June I earned $0.91 and $0.58 respectively, which sheds some light on how earnings increased as a direct result of adding challenge Hubs.

The real payoff will come with time as we see which of the new Hubs becomes popular, ranks high in SERPs, and provides more revenue share income. So maybe I'll do a 3-month or 6-month update to this Hub to let you know how the Challenge affected passive income in the long(er) term.

Key Lessons Learned in a Hub Challenge

Top lessons I learned form doing this include:

Hub Promotion

  • Always put a high-res, open source image in a Hub for better social media promotion.
  • Write themed hubs to create natural tie-ins and increase page views
  • Analyze Hub topics to see which Hubs receive the most traffic organically, and alter my writing to reflect the most popular topics

So nothing too revolutionary.

Hub Writing

  • Write what's on my mind at the moment - Half of the brainstormed topics I didn't even touch, because I wasn't curating travel resources and didn't want to switch energy/brain power to think about the other topics
  • Keep it short and sweet - I know HP wants to reward longer Hubs with better scores, but for the sake of the challenge I needed to break things up. I found that I created a lot of 600 word Hubs. In some cases I just pushed myself to write more, and then broke the topic up into 2 400-word Hubs
  • Write what you know - Kind of an obvious lesson, but for the sake of convenience I did a lot of Hubs about freelance writing, wedding planning, and other things that are front and center in my mind. I was able to dash off the Hubs fairly quickly and to earn Feature designation on almost all Hubs (I think all but 3). Without writing about familiar topics, I would not have been able to complete the 30 day challenge.

What's Next?

Next I'll probably scale back on the Hub-bing. Deserved after a sprint like this. I'll put the energy I was putting here into my Freelance Writing bootcamp and my novel. I will continue to do some Hubs too -- just not daily. I've got a whole bunch of travel hubs just waiting to be written up, when I get around to it.


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    • watergeek profile image

      watergeek 3 years ago from Pasadena CA

      Just so you know, some of us rate down anything less than 800 words, unless it's extremely interesting and unusual. The reason you earned so little could be partly because of that. (Not that I'm earning a lot, even though my hubs are much longer. But I am earning more than that, and writing them and people commenting gives pleasure too.)

    • eltondunn profile image

      Lindsey D. 3 years ago

      Thanks for the thumbs up. It can be difficult to find the time to write, but I try to just go with it when I can and not beat myself up when I am too busy. I will definitely update later!

    • daborn7 profile image

      daborn7 3 years ago from California

      Awesome. Sounds about where I am at. I wanted to try the 30 hubs in 30 days challenge, but havent yet. I will one day soon. I have been working on one hub for about two weeks right now, just cant find enough time to finish it. I also have a long list of hubs to write. My goal is to reach at least $5 a day. I know it will take time to get there, but I can wait.. Do let us know how it goes. Thanks for sharing!