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Let's Have Fun On A Shoestring Budget

Updated on March 26, 2012
If you can't afford shoestrings, wear flip flops
If you can't afford shoestrings, wear flip flops | Source

In today's day and age with the cost of living going up in every aspect of our lives, from rents, to utilities bills, clothing, gasoline many people have to live on a budget. I am one of those now and the situation will be increasingly tough when I am on my own. In August I am moving and for the first time in 50+ years I will be living by myself. I will be once again finding ways to have fun on a shoestring budget. I'm reflecting back to those days when the children were younger and I found ways to entertain for little to no money. This time around is a little different but the pretext is the same, have fun and live within my means. Below are some ideas on how we can all make that dollar stretch without ripping it in half.

  1. Obtain passes for local attractions for little to no money.
  2. Save coupons for restaurants that offer a buy one get one or buy one get one for half price.
  3. Rent movies and make popcorn.
  4. McDonald's - They have Ice Cream Sundae for $1
  5. Burger King - They have Ice Cream Sundae for $1
  6. Check out City or Town's website - do they have free entertainment? Our town and and one of the neighboring cities both have free music one night a week in the summer. It's called the Summer Music Series.
  7. Check out local Churches - They some times have outside picnics or bbq's.
  8. Check out local businesses, is anyone offering any kind of entertainment? We have a local ice cream stand that from Memorial Day until Labor Day has a free concert every Monday, a car show on Tuesday and kids night on Thursday.
  9. Do you have any coffee houses? Sometimes they have poetry night or have a local musician perform.
  10. Walk to the park.
  11. Play cards or games with friends. Have one person bring soda, someone else a snack and you prepare some kind of inexpensive appetizer.
  12. Go Bowling for one or two strings.
  13. Is their a local restaurant that has a lounge? Do they have karaoke? The local place in my area has all you can drink soda and popcorn. My best friend and I spend $5.00 for the night.
  14. Check out the local movie theaters, what do they charge for matinee's?
  15. Check out local book stores, sometimes they have game nights.
  16. Check out the events section in your newspaper, this lists events that are in the area for the upcoming weekend. Is anything free? Or of little to no cost?

I hope my ideas help you all find ways to have fun and live within your budget. Good luck to you all.


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    • Catzgendron profile image

      Catzgendron 5 years ago from North Chelmsford

      Thank you very much!!

    • FirstStepsFitness profile image

      FirstStepsFitness 5 years ago

      Yes I remember the shoestring days raising children too. I introduced those good times to my Grandchildren .I wish you the best living on your own after many years :-) Great Hub ,well written too .