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List of international schools in Lagos Nigeria

Updated on August 1, 2011

List of international schools in Lagos Nigeria

Here is my small list of prestigious international schools in Lagos Nigeria. Mind you they are not all the international schools we have in Lagos Nigeria they just happen to be on my list. The listing of these schools is in no particular order and they do not reflect their levels of prestige either. These schools are naturally for middle class and upper class folks as their fees are quite high. Of course this list will continually be updated to let you know more about enrolment, admission requirements and school fees where possible.

In Lekki and Victoria Island Area of Lagos

  1. Meadow Hall
  2. Green springs (Ajah)
  3. Pampers Private School
  4. Ocean Crest Private School
  5. Pinefield Schools
  6. Children’s International School
  7. Chrisland Schools
  8. British International School
  9. Delightsome British Home School
  10. American international School
  11. Italian International School
  12. Dowen College
  13. New hall schools (Chevron View Estate)
  14. Lagoon Schools

In Ikoyi

  1. Greenwood Schools
  2. Diamonds Private School
  3. Corona Schools
  4. Home science School
  5. Kings College
  6. St. Gregory’s College (Catholic Missionary school or CMS)
  7. Holy Child School for Girls (CMS)

On the mainland

  1. Chrisland (Opebi)
  2. Childville Schools (Yaba and GRA Ogudu)
  3. Christ the King International School (GRA Ikeja)
  4. Redeemers International School (Ebute metta)
  5. International School Lagos (Unilag Staff School)
  6. Armville Schools
  7. Vivian Fowler Memorial School for girls
  8. Queens College Yaba
  9. St. Agnes School for girls Yaba (CMS)

Most of these schools have top notch facilities and quality staff. However I cannot vouch for all of them except a few which I will not mention here. In addition please note that most of these schools have both elementary arms and secondary arms as well.


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    • profile image

      Kamran 2 years ago

      I am moving in Lagos from Canada, and wanted to know, if any of these international schools has Canadian curriculum? I need to keep in my mind that my kids would go back to Canada for further studies anytime, so need to ensure that curriculum and education system remains the same. Anyone who may help???

    • profile image

      Michael Okpara 2 years ago

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    • profile image

      valoo 2 years ago

      @Mangalika, think it will be better you try the Indian language school and if you are not cool with that try st saviours ikoyi

    • profile image

      mangalika 3 years ago

      hi all, i am an indian an looking for an international school for my 5 yr old daughter. I am considering lagos prep schol n children int school.plz help which one wil be best n also with the fees structure..

    • profile image

      Chidi 3 years ago

      does christ the king intl school hav boarding facilities?

    • profile image

      seun 3 years ago

      Does anyone know how much augusta college charges for fees? Pls response very important. Thanks

    • profile image

      Funmilola 3 years ago

      What's the cost for primary in Diamonds private school

    • profile image

      M.O 3 years ago

      Is it the Augusta International School in Okokomaiko I know?Abi which Augusta again. It's situated in a very big compound. And so? Is that a criteria for judging a schools

      .tshshsh. Abeg jare. International school indeed.

    • profile image

      deola 3 years ago

      Can anyone recommend a good primary school around lekki axis

    • profile image

      Tunmise 3 years ago

      Heard Meadow Hall opened a branch in Ikoyi recently,it is located at no 5,Oba Elegushi second avenue Ikoyi. I went there for my son,its a beauty to behold,same standard with the Lekki school but in a more cozy and serene space with more one on one teacher to student time in my opinion.Bought the form right away.

    • profile image

      shymanto 3 years ago

      Phone number of Kemi Balogun owner of Madam Tigglewinks is 08029990777. Just passing by.

    • profile image

      fitzgerald 3 years ago

      Does any one know the address for Madam Tigglewinks at Ikoyi and do they accept expatriates? We just moved to lagos

    • profile image

      Seye 3 years ago

      Pls which of these schools allow CORPERS? Thanks. It's urgent.

    • profile image

      Mrs. Elumeze 3 years ago

      St. Saviour's School, Ebute Metta 1st term fee is N363,000.

    • profile image

      NELO 3 years ago


    • profile image

      Mrs Ijeh 3 years ago

      OceanCrest School is the best school around Lekki/Ajah axis.They offer quality education ,highly trained staff and serene learning enviroment.I was invited by a friend to their end of session award and drama presentation. I couldn't help but admire my friends kids interest and love for school. I was marveled at the sight of her children's books. Inshort, my son will definitely be joining them by September. I have checked through other schools, but I must confess, OceanCrest School is the best. It is located at the Lekki alternative road b4 Oniru New Market.Give it a try nd u will b glad u did.

    • profile image

      david k boateng 3 years ago

      I have over 100,000 sets of school furniture sets for kids, its adjustable and can fit from 2 years up to 25 yrs. Its antirust, thick metal., adjustable, guaranteed with flexible terms of payment. All U need do is place ur order through our email adress or call the sole distributor for coraccon ind. On 00233242212477. We R also looking for sole distributors around Africa. We can send U pictures on request. Thanks

    • profile image

      olohi 4 years ago

      Madam Tigglewink there is Stream A and B A is abt 220,000 while B is 250,000. there is also the home day care that closes at 5pm. they pay 300,000

    • profile image

      Lufizz 4 years ago

      Pls how much is the fees at Madam Tigglewinks

    • profile image

      dda 4 years ago

      lekki mi I de live in vi

    • profile image

      Olohi 4 years ago

      Madam Tigglewinks Ikoyi is a fantastic Pre-school in Ikoyi. A home away from home for children. Serene enviroment and a place where children not only learn ABC, but also ettiquette, health habits and the necessary imformation every child needs.

    • profile image

      shy tayo 4 years ago

      A list of international schools in Lagos that don't include Grange school, Ikeja and Lagos Preparatory school, Ikoyi? With kids from all over the world and possibly the largest number of europeans, asians etc, I would say Lagos prep is as international as it gets. Fees is quite high - 2013/14 academic year is 10.500 a further 15,000 for new entrants. Grange is a long standing school with excellent academic achievements in their secondary school (this was when Pope was the head, don't know how the knew head, stuttard formerly at lagos prep will fair). Most of grange kids make straight A's. Hope this helps

    • profile image

      memic 4 years ago

      What about Dansol high in ikeja you people are fake in rating its political

    • profile image

      Idowu 4 years ago

      You should give us a complete list of truly international schools in lagos. Otherwise I will assume your list is just according to your personal standard.

    • profile image

      kofo 4 years ago

      i like one of these schools

    • profile image

      tope 4 years ago

      searching for a school in ikoyi called madam tigglewink owned by Mrs. Kemi Balogun does anyone know the address of the school/email, phone number.

    • profile image

      emmanuel n 4 years ago

      most of these schools are good l know of them l'm a teacher, an academician, a classroom/school decorator, a swimming instructor, an aerobics instructor, an art teacher and capable of heading a school owing to my qualifications. A Ghanaian by birth would like to work in some of these schools in lekki since l reside in lekki.

    • profile image

      Fun65 5 years ago

      Hi can i have the lists of good primary boarding schools in lagos. Most of the boarding schools i got are all secondary schools . I'll really appreciate it if you can help, pls.

    • profile image

      tk 5 years ago

      please does anyone know how much St. Saviour's School Ebute-Metta charges as fees.

    • profile image

      Dami 5 years ago

      What about schools in G.R.A Ikeja?! Where is Avi - Cenna and Grange?

      Please, get your facts right!

    • profile image

      NICOLE KELVIN 5 years ago


    • profile image

      Fuspot 5 years ago

      Does anyone know which books are used for literacy, science and math for preschools in Lagos, or better still the curriculum content for ages 3, 4, and 5 years.

    • profile image

      Modupe 5 years ago

      Oceancrest school is the best school around lekki, it's a school with good environment4 learning$the teachers are superb with high level of child cares training...I came in2 d country last year$ tried other school with regrets, but with oceancrest, my two kids look 4ward2 school everyday, even right now, they cry 4 me2 take dem to school..Oceancrest school its just d best, if u love your child...

    • profile image

      david 5 years ago

      Corona ????§ †?? best school M??????????

    • profile image

      mennke 6 years ago

      Meadow hall is the best school.They offer quality education ,highly trained staff and superb learning enviroment.its l;ocated at Elegushi beach,before chisco lekki

    • profile image

      stella 6 years ago

      How good is st gregory college

    • Paulipopo profile image

      Paulipopo 6 years ago from Abuja, Nigeria


      I'm not recommending any schools, they are just a list of some international schools in Lagos.

    • profile image

      chi 6 years ago

      what are you criteria in recommending the schools

    • Paulipopo profile image

      Paulipopo 6 years ago from Abuja, Nigeria


      Try Children's International School at Lekki, they have qualified teachers with experience in handling kids from many countries and I know a few pupils in that school whose spoken English wasn't very good when they joined.

    • profile image

      mt 6 years ago

      I'm Planing on relocating from Germany to Lagos and am looking for a good school for my 6 year old son.

      His spoken english is not so good but he understands everything. Can anyone tell me what date school starts after the summer holidays? Thanx t

    • profile image

      shaka 6 years ago

      St. Gregory's at ikoyi has the best labs ever and the best boarding school which can manage students and turn them in responsible gentle men in the society.

    • profile image

      mimi 6 years ago

      Dowen college.....happy 2 be past of it...go dowen.

    • profile image

      Antoni Pere 6 years ago

      Im spanish & I will like to teach spanish lenguage in Nigeria


    • profile image

      Dorcas 6 years ago

      Italian International school's website is on google. Search for Italian International School Lagos.

    • profile image

      busayo 6 years ago

      isl is the best school ever

    • Paulipopo profile image

      Paulipopo 6 years ago from Abuja, Nigeria


      Am not so sure

    • profile image

      Temi 6 years ago

      Do any of these school accept students in SSS 3?

    • profile image

      balls 6 years ago

      isl sucks don't send ur child there

    • profile image

      Mrs. V. Elumeze 7 years ago

      Shocked that you don't have St. Saviour's School, Ebute Metta on your list. It's the oldest private primary school in Nigeria and the best school.

    • profile image

      nyelu 7 years ago

      can u imagine there ar no fans in kings collegh clas roms and tey cal it a school

    • profile image

      e gal 7 years ago

      i hope kings college is not living on past glory like all other federal schools.

    • profile image

      temitope  7 years ago

      Out of the listed school can you assist in listing them in order of the school fees payable

    • Paulipopo profile image

      Paulipopo 7 years ago from Abuja, Nigeria


      Children's international school is off road 14 junction on admiralty way they are neighbours of Italian International school while delightsome school is not far from big treat also on admiralty way

    • profile image

      Sara 7 years ago

      Looking for at least a number to contact the ones in Lekki like the Italian school and Delightsome.They do not come up in Google. Any leads?


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