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Live Better With Less Money: Save Money on Rent

Updated on March 8, 2018

Saving Money on Rent

Rent or the mortgage is the biggest expense for most people, and as much as you might love your house, sometimes it can feel quite unfair to have to pay that much money to keep a roof over your head. But there are a few ways that you can save money on your rent or mortgage and still have somewhere to call home. Some of these measures aren't for everyone, but if you are serious about saving money or you need to save money to survive then you should consider at least some of them.

Consider Moving to Save Money

This might sound like a really drastic measure, and I suppose it kind of is. But if you have cut back as much as you can and you are still short of money then you could consider moving to a less expensive house. If it is something you can do, I would recommend it, this is where the big savings are made.

Obviously it is something that requires careful thought because you may have a job, children or relatives to think about, but if it makes sense, do it.

Alternative Cheaper Accommodation

Houses aren't just made of bricks, more and more people are turning to alternative accommodation in order to beat the property market and keep a roof over their heads for a fraction of the price. There are a few different things you could consider, even as a temporary measure if you want to save money.

A Caravan

I am not talking about a teeny tiny caravan that you can barely stand up in, I am talking about one that is big enough for your needs. There will be an initial outlay, but over the course of about a year, you will have reclaimed that money in savings. You will need somewhere to put it, and pitches vary in price, but even in Cornwall which is a high price region, you can park up for a month for around £300.

And then there are static caravans, so many people who own their property have these on sight and use them as a way to make extra money. And most of the time they are a really reasonable price and council tax is normally included in the rent! I once lived in a two bedroom static caravan for £320 a month including water and council tax.

A gas bottle was £50 and even in the winter lasted us at least 2 and a half months! And it was in a really quiet, peaceful part of the country, the only neighbors were the cows and their babies.

Don't knock it until you have tried it, but just check the insulation of the caravan because if they are not properly insulated they could be incredibly cold and potentially dangerous.

Moving Back in With Parents

Probably the least favorable so far, but if you have parents who are generous enough to allow you to live rent free, move back in with them. Don't take the mick though, pull your weight around the house and don't take advantage, they are your parents, not your slaves. Pay for whatever you can, the food budget is always a welcome relief.

House Sitting

This is not a stable way to live as you won't ever really be sure where you will be next, but if you don't mind that then apply to be a house sitter. Always follow the rules and leave the place as tidy as you found it. This really isn't applicable if you have pets or kids, as most people are looking for a single person to occupy the house while they are gone to either prevent break ins or feed animals/ water plants. People are trusting you to look after their homes, don't break that trust. If you become a valued housesitter, you can get more work.

Property Guardians

This is kind of like house sitting but with a twist, you could be guarding any kind of building, from a tax office to a primary school. You need to apply to come a property guardian and most places won't allow pets. But the costs are as low as £248 per month and you could be living in some really amazing places!

Once again, this isn't really an option if you have kids as you could be moving around a lot, but if you are on your own then it could be worth it.

These suggestions definitely aren't for everyone, but if you want to give one a try, you could save a small fortune.

Know Your Rights

Another thing I would always recommend to someone is that they learn their rights as a tenant, knowing what you legally do and don't have to pay for could save you a lot of money. Make sure that you read your tenancy agreement when you move in and whenever it gets updated. That way you will not end up paying for things that are legally your landlord's responsibility.

Also, beware of loopholes and exceptions, for example, I once lived in a god awful Staffordshire housing property and the heating broke down in the middle of one of the coldest winters I have ever experienced. I had no heating whilst there was snow on the ground outside and they would not fix it because I was not a "priority" meaning that I was neither a child, had children or was elderly. Always read the small print to save yourself a lot of trouble.


This isn't something that is suitable for everyone, but consider getting yourself a roommate, that way you would be able to split the bills in half. Always do the appropriate legal research for this and make sure you are allowed to take someone else in. Also, use your instincts, if you don't like how someone makes you feel, don't invite them into your home, your safety is always the priority here. If you own the property, make sure you get a legal document signed by whoever moves in, this should state their responsibilities and rights as your tenant.

A Van

More and more people are turning to what is known as "van life" In fact, it is so popular it has its own hashtag and dozens of communities all over the world dedicated to it!

You need to buy the van first, but once you have, then you can pretty much go anywhere you want, some people even park their van on their work car park overnight! It's not really a money saving idea as much as it is a way of life, it requires dedication and persistence, but it's a minimal lifestyle that could save you a lot of money.

There are a lot of things to consider, such as where to shower, or even to get water from, security and parking, so do thorough research before you decide whether van life is for you or not.


Some people are quite happy with a tent (or for the more glamorous camper, a yurt) This is definitely an acquired taste and I couldn't do it myself but bravo to the people who do! Tent pitches in campsites are cheaper than anything else, but camping in the wilderness if you are allowed to, is totally free!

Saving Money on Rent can Be Done

Saving money on rent can make a significant difference to your life, it's a big ticket item and saving wherever you can just makes sense. So consider everything possible if you want to make some big savings


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