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Living Beynold Your Means

Updated on August 25, 2014

Most poor and underprivileged Americans make bad choices when it comes to spending money, instead of saving they spend their hard earn money on things they don't need. They contribute to making the rich richer, forgetting about their families.

In today's society so many Poor Americans live their lives beyond their means, not caring about what the future holds. It's more important to buy expensive sneakers and name brand clothing, cars and jewelry than to put a few dollars aside for a rainy day.

76% of Americans live their lives struggling from pay check to pay check because of their spending habits, they are eager to fix in with people who can afford these things. 27% of poor Americans have nothing saved for themselves or their children.

In some poor communities I see expense cars being driven by young drivers husking to make a few dollars to buy gas. It's more important to have a shinny new car than to buy something they can afford,it's all about the glamorous .Young women walk around with expense jewelry expense bags hanging from their shoulders,trying to keep up with the rich lady down the street.

its time we realize that living beyond our means will leave a lot of Americans wondering what will happen in the coming years. By living beyond our means, we are not securing a future for ourselves or our children.


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