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Loadable Coupons for Stores.

Updated on October 16, 2009

Who has loadable coupons?

I was quite shocked to learn that most stores who offer Bonus cards are actually allowing people to load their coupons on their bonus cards. I have several cards for several stores and actually love this idea since I most generally always seem to have forgotten the coupons at home on the table once I leave the house. So when I learned of this of course I had to go right out and find out what it was all about. I think now a days most stores dont accept the printed coupons that you print at home. So when I found out I could do this it made it that much more sweeter. Ill tell you the sites to visit to register your savings cards and once you have registered your card you just select the coupons that you want to use and just send them to your card to use at the store. It should come in handy when you dont have a free hand in the grocery store to dig out coupons. All you do is when you purchase the item that you have the coupon for you just scan your card and it will deduct the price of your coupon off at the end of your order. Its just that simple. I hope you will check out these sites and will find it useful and will end up saving some money all the while shopping.


Shortcuts is a online coupon site that will allow you to register your savings card and load the coupons onto your card. The only down fall to it is that you can only load 50 coupons per card. This is what I was informed of at least I dont know really cause I am not too familiar with this site yet With this site you will find many coupons that you normally use at the store. They have coupons for Betty Crocker and Pillsbury and Nestle Tollhouse Cookies and Yoplait Yogurt. Many different coupons to save to your card. With a one time registration you then are registered to save money right away at your fingertips.

Check it out at this site right here. Shortcuts.


Several years ago someone came up with the idea to start something and since then its been a hit and they are the newest ones to use the loadable coupons. Just like the other site you just simply go and register your savings cards. In my case I registered my Kroger card, My MVP Food Lion Card and my CVS card. Once I registered my cards I was able to save my coupons to whatever card I wanted them saved to for later. You can also enter giveaways at this site also. If you eat out often and use your credit card then you can also earn money back on your card by registering your card also. I highly recommend you check out this site.

Connect to uPromise.


This site doesnt offer you as much to save as the other sites and usually has all the same coupons but it isnt as complicated to figure out I dont think. I also registered with this site just so If they did offer one coupon that I might want later and I didnt find it at another site than I already had it. This is the same site that you find the inserts for in your paper on Sunday morning. I would go ahead and register just so its done.

Connect to P&GeSaver


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