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Mommy Saves Big By Using FREE Printable Online Coupons

Updated on August 26, 2011

Want To Save More At The Grocery Store? FREE Printable Online Coupons Will Help!

You may think the best way to save at the grocery store is by using coupons that you clip from your Sunday paper's inserts. This is only partly true. For the best savings, you need to combine coupons from your Sunday paper inserts, PLUS  printable coupons you can find for free online, AND combine those with what's on sale at your local grocery store.  Otherwise, you just may be better off buying your store's generic brand of products.

Where To Find FREE Printable Coupons

There are many coupon websites on the internet. If you Google "printable coupons" or just "coupons" you will see that there are thousands of sites that you can visit to get your coupons. If you visit a few of these websites, you will find that most if not all of them will offer the same coupons that you can print out. However, what you want to do first, is make sure your local grocery store accepts internet coupons. I shop at my local Safeway store. When I handed over my internet coupons, the checkout girl needed to check with the store manager to see if they would accept them. She said that one week they will, and another week the policy will change. I told her that some of my internet coupons were from their very own Safeway website. "Still," she said, "I have to check."


Coupon Mom Saves Big! Learn How She Does It!

My Favorite Websites For FREE Printable Coupons

I have my favorite websites that I visit regularly for their free printable coupons. The reason I like these websites is for their ease of use and the large amount of information they offer. They are as follows:

I particularly like Coupon Mom. Watch the video to the right to see how she uses coupons to maximize her savings. Not only that, you can sign up at her website for free and take advantage of all her free services. For instance, she lists on her website what's on sale at your local store and in what Sunday paper insert you can find a coupon to use on that sale item. Now that's the way to do it! Unfortunately, my grocery store isn't listed on her website so I have to do a little extra work, but check to see if your store is listed. If so, you're on your way to big savings!

The EASIEST Way To Find Printable Coupons

My very FAVORITE tool that I use to find those free printable coupons online is a toolbar offered through This website allows you to install your very own coupon toolbar where you can see exactly how many coupons are offered for you to potentially print out. What I especially like about this tool, is that the coupons are all categorized under different headings such as, "beverages,", "food," "healthcare," etc. That way I can click on the heading to search for coupons of products I may be looking for. Combine this with what's on sale at your local grocery store and you'll definitely be ahead of the game!

Looking For More Than Just Grocery Coupons?

If you are looking for more than just grocery coupons, and want to find coupons or coupon codes for your favorite stores, then these websites might have what you are looking for:

I like to visit the Hot Deals Forum on Here is where people share deals they've encountered that maybe aren't listed anywhere else on the internet, or are just plain hard to find. For instance, I never would have known about a deal for 30% off Uggs for two days only if I hadn't visited Slick Deals.

My Coupon Strategy To Save More

One of the strategies I use is to purchase three Sunday papers so that I have triple the amount of coupon inserts. That way, if there is a coupon for something I really like or buy often, I can stock up when that item goes on sale. I've even purchased entire Sunday inserts off of eBay when there's a lot of good coupons in it. On the right, I've included eBay auctions that list entire Sunday coupon inserts for sale.

So that's it! My favorite places to look for free printable coupons, and my strategies for saving as much as I can when I shop at my local grocery store. Do you have any strategies that you'd like to share? Please leave comments so we can all learn from you!

Please visit my blog at where I share creative ways to earn extra money and save.

Happy Shopping!


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    • frida3d profile image

      frida3d 6 years ago

      Many useful tips.Tank you. Recently I also found a way to save money and receive certain goods and services free of charge. please visit my hub and follow the links to learn more about this great opportunity.

    • profile image

      jayhill1982 8 years ago

      There are number of websites that actually collect coupon codes. Doing an Internet search for "online coupon" will instantly bring up the best websites that contain online coupons for the store you intend to shop at.

    • profile image

      printable grocery coupons 8 years ago

      I enjoyed Viewing your information