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Low Cost Cremation

Updated on May 1, 2011

The Low Cost Cremation

The cost of a death in the family is always a concern. It is a source of worry to the living and to those who have to contend with an unexpected passing. Whatever the circumstances, the costs always come into consideration whether we like it or not. Burials will always be expensive so if money is a part of the formula then some thoughts should be given to a low cost cremation.


It is not an option open to everybody, sometimes ‘face’ means more than the expense and people put themselves into debt for fear of what the neighbours may think. For others the whole experience of a loved one passing is just too traumatic to deal with and they just want the whole thing over and done with as fast as possible. To some religion plays a big part whilst for others it means nothing at all.



Direct Cremation

Burials and cremations are a business and as with all businesses there is a profit intent. Often those in grief will agree to practically anything asked and will act upon what they believe is to be the ‘done thing’ and being unaware that alternative low cost cremation is available.

Few are aware that even a simple service for the deceased is not necessary and nor is it a legal requirement. In a low cost cremation nobody would actually attend at all. The body of the deceased would be collected by the funeral director. There would be no expensive hearse or limousines. The body would be taken away and the ashes returned at a later date. In a low cost cremation or ‘direct cremation’ there is no ‘lying in state’ or holding in a chapel of rest and embalming is not usually necessary. A coffin or casket is not required and a cardboard, plywood or even a canvas alternative would normally be available. There is no church service of any kind and the actual cremation takes place in private with only the minimum number of people involved. All the really unnecessary expense and worry is put to one side.

The end of a Beautiful Day


Direct Cremation in a Nutshell

Remember that all companies involved in the cremation market have their own rules and regulations. It pays to shop around.



Peace of Mind

With the return of the ashes the family can decide exactly what they want to do. They can choose a convenient time for all concerned to do what is best. This could possibly be to scatter the ashes in a special place on an anniversary or to have a few drinks and a party. Alternatively the ashes could be kept for years and interred later as finances improved. There is even the option not to receive the ashes at all and have them strewn in the garden of remembrance attached to the crematorium.


The direct cremation offers a low cost solution to a problem that weighs on peoples minds when they are at their most vulnerable. Being aware of the options open to you allows you to deal with a difficult and troubling time with more confidence and peace of mind.



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