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Cheap Rv Living using campground memberships

Updated on July 7, 2014

This guy doesn't know about Campground Memberships

How much Money can this Cheap RV Living Guide save you?

Cost to Camp with Campground Membership
Cost to Camp without Campground Membership
Savings with Membership
$4.40 per Night
$30 per night
$25.40 a night
$132 per Month
$900 per Month
$768 per Month
$1,490 per Year
$ 10,800 per Year
$9,310 per Year

Cheap RV Living Guide - How to pay $3 a night to Camp?

Have you ever wondered how some people can afford to travel the entire country in there RV and still have money to spare? If your still pretty new to RVing than you probably don't know they can do this because they have what's known as a Campground Membership that allows them to pay a fraction of the normal price to camp.

Can you imagine being able to camp across the entire country in your RV, Tent, or Fifthwheel and only pay $3 a night for full hookups water, sewer, and electric. In this Cheap RV Living Gudie Im going to try to share with you exactly how you can do the exactly that, "Pay $3 a night to camp at one of over 80 campgrounds around the US" using a Campground Memberships.

Your probably thinking right now "What is a Campground Membership" and how is that possible.

Well fist let me explain what exactly "Campground Memberships" are and why its one of the most important things you should look into before starting your RVIng adventures.

According to web definitions a Campground Membership is "Similar to a timeshare concept, in which a member is allowed usage of a Campground or network of Campgrounds, for a prescribed amount of time each year".

How much do Campground Memberships Cost?

Just like many time share companies though finding the right kind of Membership can be next to impossible with the lack of resources available on the subject. The first question people usually ask is well what membership should I use. Which one gets me the best bang for my buck.

Well this really depend on what your trying to accomplish but I've done a lot of research into different memberships so I've become a sort of expert when it comes to what memberships are good and which ones aren't so good.

Let me first explain to you what most memberships cost and why the one I use is different from most I've seen.

Most Memberships are gonna cost you at least a few thousand dollars down to get started and then charge you a yearly fee of $500 on average along with a daily camping fee of $10 or more on top of this.

This makes most memberships pretty unreachable for the average person trying practice living cheap in there RV. Unless you have an extra $3000 to $5000 or more laying around than its not even possible to start living cheap.

Is there any Campground Memberships with "No Down Payment"?

There is one membership out there that I've managed to find that offers a very low cost of $42 down to get started and $42 monthly to be a member. What this gets you is basically the ability to camp at up to 20 different campgrounds within usually a 3 to 5 state radius for $3 a night.

There's no paying thousands up front to join and the membership doesn't lock you into a ten year contract like most try to.

What's the Catch?

Here's the catch. You can stay at any campground in your 3 to 5 state network for up to 2 weeks at a time but than have to leave for 1 week before staying again. This means you can stay for 2 weeks leave for a week than come back to the same campground or go on to another one of the 20 campgrounds in your network.

In a Nutshell

In a nutshell this means that you can camp for 2/3rds of the year or about 243 days a year for a $3 a night usage fee and $42 a month member dues. If you stay in the system the max amount possible your looking at paying about $102 a month to Camp for 2 out of every 3 weeks or 20 out of every 30 days.

How to Camp 365 Days per Year for $3 a day

You can also camp 365 days a year with your Membership if you stay only 4 days at each campground before moving on to the next. So basically if you stay less than 4 days at any campground, you can go on to the next campground without staying out of the system at all. This means you can stay at the campgrounds for the entire year 365 days if your able to move every 4 days.

Were else can you think of that allows you to pay $0 down to get started and $3 a night to camp?

So far this the only program that ive found with this kind of offer. Actually I haven't even been able to find anything else that comes close to the price for the amenities that you get.

The amenities usually include Swimming Pool, Jacuzzi, Tennis Courts, Basketball Courts, Lakes, Horeshoe Pits, Pool Tables, Mini Golf, Arcade, Fishing Ponds, Clean Showers, Laundry Facilities, Kids Lodges, Adult Lodges you name it and they've most likely go it.

Being able to pay $3 a night to have a Full Hookup Campsite with electric, sewer, and water along with all of those amenities is pretty hard to imagine but I can say to you with 100% honesty that this kind of program does exist and its member base is over 100,000 RVers and Campers in the United States.

Are you Curious of What Campground Membership I'm Talking About?

If you're interested for more information about this program and the exact name of the Campground Membership I'm speaking of, just shoot me an email at

Please be sure to mention my name and email as your referring member when signing up to receive additional discounts off your membership. I hope this Cheap Rv Living Guide helped all those new rvers out there confused about How to Live Cheap yet Luxurious in an RV.

Cody Marshall

Happy Camping Everyone!!!

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Shoot me an email at for the Name of Campground Membership I'm talking about!

Quick Summary of What you Just Read

Here is a Quick Breakdown of your Costs

Cost to Join: $42 Down

Monthly Dues: $42 Monthly

Daily Use Fees: $3 a day ( first 30 days free)

Total Cost: $42 Down to get started + $42 a month (member dues) + $3 for each night you stay. There is no daily usage fee of $3 per night for first 30 nights per year.

Over 20 campgrounds within a 3-5 state radius to camp for this price all year round.

Stay for 14 nights at a time at any of the campgrounds in your network

Must leave for 7 days before staying again.

Stay for 4 days or less and move onto the next campground without leaving for 7 days

Its possible to Camp for 365 days a year for a total of $132 per month if you choose to.

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