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MAKE money on your Grocery Trips with Ibotta

Updated on February 18, 2013

I am AGGRESSIVE when it comes to couponing! I am always looking for new ways to sneak in a stacked coupon or to make a few extra dollars when at the Grocery.

I have talked about the amazing online virtual coupons from Savingstar in past blogs. Savingstar is a coupon-ers best friend as the "coupons" aren't deducted from your transaction at the register...The face value of the coupons is deposited into your Savingstar account which you link to Paypal or your bank account. This site is amazing because the coupons typically match up with the printable coupons available. TO EARN EXTRA----Sign up for Savingstar though a site like Ebates (my referral code . On Ebates, you will also get 10 cents in your ebates account for each "redeemed Savingstar coupon"!


Now...I have found Ibotta!

Ibotta works practically the same way. You need to go to Ibotta and sign up. You will get a bonus of $5 deposited into your account when you redeem your first "coupon" (verified after purchase) just for being referred and get $1 for each referral.

Here's how it works....

1. Sign up for ibotta then download the app to your smart phone.

2. From there you can scroll through different items that you may select and earn from the purchase of. There are usually three different money earning tasks under each can watch the commercial for 25 cents, take a 1 answer quiz for 50 cents, etc. They offer approximately $20 a week in offers. These also typically match up with the printable coupons and sales out that week.

3. After you purchase the item...Go to your Ibotta app and select the store you purchased the items from and upload a copy of the receipt. You will also need to scan the item for verification with your phone. You will then receive the amount you "earned" through the tasks deposited in your Ibotta account.

I.e. a few of the coupons this week were from Kelloggs. I received $1 for certain cereal brands that I purchased simply by watching the commercial, answering a question,and learning a fun fact for each. EASY!

They have a very low threshold for payout...$5! I sent my receipt and was credited the money that night which is really fast compared to other similar sites. You can then ask that they send the money to paypal which is transferred within minutes.

It's not a ton of money but I did get $10 back this week alone so I think it's a pretty successful tool in the savings WAR! Add that $10 to the $5 from savingstar that I earned, the 10 cents for each Savingstar coupon used -that I recieved from Ebates, and the savings from my coupons that were doubled at the register and I was a happy girl!

I hope that you find this information useful in your Quest to BEAT THE REGISTER!


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    • profile image

      justin 4 years ago

      Hi, everyone. I actually just started using this ibotta app and i love it! If you shop at all you will love it too! I ask that you please use my link to sign up… doesn’t hurt to ask right?

    • Mommymay profile image

      Heather May 5 years ago from Ohio

      This $5 Bonus promotion ends Friday at Noon! The $1 refer a friend is still continuing!!!