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Magazines For Sustainable Living

Updated on November 10, 2013

Great Information For A Self-Sustaining Lifestyle

Whether you currently live on a homestead, or work toward a self-sustained lifestyle, or if you don't know how to do the above, but would like to learn more, you would do well to look into one of the magazines I will focus on here in this article. I have found these magazines to contain some of the best articles on a wide range of topics that help you move forward toward a meaningful existence.

In many cases, you can obtain the information via the internet. I, myself, still love to turn those pages and have that magazine rack ready for relaxed reading.

The information you receive from these magazines is so well researched and presented, that I find that I keep the copies for future reference, and have indeed referred back to them many times. Much of the information is hands on knowledge of how to go about living not only a life sustaining yourself, free from outside help, but, basically how to enjoy organizing your home in a way that allows you to enjoy healthy eating, contributing to a healthy environment, and certainly having a peace of mind that you are doing something good for yourself, and your family.

Urban Farm Magazine

This is an exciting magazine! The Urban Farm articles reach folks who live in the city and the suburbs who still want to live a self-sustained lifestyle, but with limited resources in compared to those with acreage. It is so inspirational and though I live in the country, I still find many articles relevant to my situation.

Learn how be self-sustaining within your own personal constraints;, start composting, grow your own food, even in small spaces, consider which animals you may be able to raise in your area, the articles have a wide variety of knowledge-based suggestions and tips that you will eagerly await the next issue.

Some of the regular features include:

  • Green Thumb: Seasonal container and backyard gardening advice
  • Urban Feast: Seasonal recipes, cooking tools and serving ideas
  • One Thing: A piece of advice from successful urban farmers
  • Backyard Coop: Backyard chicken keeper's section
  • Curbside Tools: Overview of all tools and equipment mentioned in the issue
  • Road Trip: Article featuring a town that is visited - in every issue

You will find everything from raising rabbits, to beekeeping, to crop profiles, to alternative energy, to step-by-step projects. This is a must-have magazine for the Urban Farm!

Grit Magazine

Grit Magazine states that it is "dedicated to preserving and promoting positive, small town values and traditions important to families".

This is a bimonthly magazine that has been around for 125 years! It's emphasis is on articles for living a traditional, rural lifestyle, and includes inspiring articles, funny stories, gardening and cooking advice, nice photography and many do-it-yourself projects.

Much of the information is geared toward those living outside the city limits, but, is also has a lot of valuable information of everyone. This is a great guide for living a prosperous, happy live!

Here are some sample articles in the most recent Grit magazine:

  • Tomato and Tomato Past Salsa Recipe
  • Nuts: Nutritional Nuggets You'll Want in Your Diet
  • Covington Planter Turns 100: Venerable Company Still Gets The Crop In
  • Stealth Veggie Recipes: Mac'N'Cheese
  • Meat-eater or Vegetarian? Learning to look dinner in the eye
  • 2010: A Retrospective
  • Electric Fences Help Keep Deer Out of Garden


Mother Earth News Magazine

An all-time favorite - The Mother Earth News Magazine never fails to provide great information on do-it-yourself living. The articles are relevant to every person who wants to learn more about melding the issues of today, with the old fashioned measures of yesterday.

Within the various issues, you will find concise articles on various topics including:

  • gardening
  • recipes
  • home remedies
  • home repair
  • environmentally-friendly products and procedures
  • recycling / composting
  • equipment and tools for DIY projects
  • money-saving tips
  • step-by-step plans for a multitude of projects

There is so much information in every issue that the most difficult part is deciding what you want to pursue first. One of the wonderful attributes about Mother Earth News is that they don't forget the person just starting out learning self-sustained living. They do a great job of making sure all the instructions and information is thorough and easy to understand for beginners as well as the seasoned homesteader.

Farm Life

Hobby Farm Home Magazine

Modern information celebrating traditional farm life. Here, in the Hobby Farm Home magazine, you will find articles focusing on those who already live a country lifestyle. The emphasis is on covering interests that are practical and contribute to a quality rural home. Whether you are looking for new ways to utilize your garden area, or trends in converting items for use at flea markets, you will find a huge variety of useful information.

The following is an overview of what each issue contains:

  • Garden Grit: Practical, seasonal tips and techniques
  • Garden Home Solutions: A popular Q&A column
  • Farm Fetishes: Reports on the latest trends in antiques and collectibles. How to convert old items into profitable flea market sale and what to expect at auctions, etc . . .
  • Home Clinic: Home maintenance - home improvement - decorating
  • Lessons Learned: Stories of farm life
  • Country Fare: Tips and recipes for the hobby farm kitchen
  • Animal Talk: New, advice and products for all the farm animals
  • Nature Calls: Fun activities and all kinds of ideas for enjoying the outdoors

Slightly different than other frugal living magazines; this one gets to the heart of utilizing the already established farm, large or small. Every issue provides qualtiy insights.

Front Yard Gardening

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