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Mail from India to USA

Updated on January 6, 2012

How to Mail from India to USA?

Mailing or posting something from India to USA is very easy. There are so many ways that you can do this. One way is to use the government service "Indian Postal Service" from the Government of India and the other way is to choose the private services. Note that the cost of the mail will vary based on the size of the mail and the distance.

The list of ways to mail from India to USA are:

1) Indian Postal Service:

This service is provided by the Government of India. There are two ways that you can send your mail.

a) Normal Post: The normal post may take time ranging from 2 weeks to 3 weeks. This may cost little bit cheaper than any other methods. If you are not in a hurry to send the mail, then this choice is mostly recommended since it costs cheaper.

b) Speed Post: Speed post may cost little bit more than the normal post but the time taken for the delivery is around 1 week. If you want to choose government service and mail little bit faster then this method is advised.

2) Private Services:
There are about two private well known mail courier services that can courier our mail from India to USA. They are FedEx and DHL Postal Service. These two services are completely private.

a) FedEx Mail:
There are nearly ten choices ranging on the mail we want to send. They are separated under FedEx Freight Services, FedEx Supply Chain Services, Ancillary Clearance Services and FedEx International Services

i) FedEx Ancillary Services.

ii) FedEx International Services:
There are four categories of mail services under the International Services. They are:-
1) International Economy.
2) 10 KG and 20 KG Box.
3) International Priority.
4) International Priority Direct Distribution.

iii) FedEx Supply Chain Services:
There are three categories under this category. They are:-
1) Offshore support.
2) Managed transportation.
3) After Sales support.

iv) FedEx Freight Services:
There are three categories under this category. They are:-
1) International Economy Freight.
2) International Express Freight.
3) International Priority Freight.

b) DHL Mail Services:
There are four types of services provided by the DHL Mail Services. They are

i) Blue Dart Express.
ii) DHL Global Forwarding.
iii) DHL Express.
iv) DHL Supply Chain.


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