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Make Money Online with Fiverr

Updated on October 23, 2011
Screenshot of the Fiverr Site.
Screenshot of the Fiverr Site. | Source

Got Simple Ideas That Can Sell?

Then you might be able to make $5 on

The premise of the site is simple. You provide a service, anything from posting flyers up in your local neighborhood to teaching somebody how to code. This service is then shown to the fiverr community, and if someone wants to purchase your service, they pay $5. You get $4, and fiverr gets $1. Depending on the service provided, you can make a decent amount of extra cash.

Tip When Selling on Fiverr - If doing a task that requires a time commitment, set a time limit for each gig

This saves you from having to spend a ton of time on one gig. Let the buyer know if the job takes more than 1 or 1 1/2 hours that they will have to purchase another gig. Most people who need something done don't mind buying a few gigs to get what they want anyways, and don't be afraid to ask.

How I Made Money on Fiverr

When I first stumbled upon, it was perfect timing. I was in dire need of some more money on the side and this site seemed like the perfect place to make it.

It was. But not because of the money I made on Fiverr. It was because of the opportunities that came form working with people on Fiverr.

Let me explain. When I first signed up for Fiverr, I offered my knowledge of coding in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery for $5. I received a decent amount of orders and was making a small amount of cash on the side. That is when I met a client who wanted me to work for him outside of Fiverr, coding websites on top of the popular CMS (Content Management System), Wordpress. I accepted and have been working for him ever since, making more money than I could have ever thought possible on Fiverr.

So, depending on the gig you have on Fiver, more opportunities outside the site can arise. I would recommended this site for anyone looking to hone their skills, or, like me, make a few bucks on the side.


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    • fireatwill41 profile image

      fireatwill41 6 years ago

      When you look at it % wise, it looks like they are taking a huge chunk. But it is only a $1. Unless your selling thousands of gigs, the lost money won't seem that bad. Plus, I rather have them take $1 then be charged a monthly fee or have the site be plastered with ads.

    • jigg2009 profile image

      jigg2009 6 years ago from Cracow

      20% goes to fiverr. Nice "taxing"...