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How to Make a Living Cleaning as an Independent Contractor

Updated on March 14, 2018
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Talulah Roe is a Self-Publishing eBook Author. Her series, For Divas, can be found at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and Kobo.

Do you have high standards? Do you take accountability for your actions? And do you pride yourself on your ability to clean? Then you might want to consider a career in cleaning.

If you are someone who enjoys cleanings, likes working independently, and has an eye for detail this is the job for you. We are actively seeking experienced cleaning professionals to work as independent contractors.

The Opportunity

Maid Sailors is a cleaning company based in New York, NY that hires cleaners as independent contractors. Top contractors are making around $1,000 per week working with Maid Sailors. This is a great opportunity for anyone looking for a full-time gig or just a side hustle.

In order to be considered for a cleaning position, you must live within the service areas, possess an active drivers license, and have your own cleaning supplies.

As an independent contractor with this platform, you have the ability to make money in several different ways. You may work as a residential house cleaner, a commercial office cleaner, a hotel housekeeper, or even an organization specialist. So you're not just limited to cleaning houses all day. Assignments vary by experience, location, and availability.

Note: Maid Sailors does not provide those services and does not employ individuals to perform such services. Maid Sailor's role is limited to offering the platform as a referral tool for clients and qualified independent professionals.


If you have prior cleaning experience, then working with Maid Sailors will be a piece of cake. Cleanings get assigned by performance and availability. So the more you know and the better you perform the more money you will make. That's one of the best parts of the company.

When you apply to work with Maid Sailors you are applying to be an independent contractor. This means you will not be en employee. You will be in charge of your own taxes. However, this also means there is no limit to the amount of money you can make. The sky is the limit.


If you are in the following areas please feel free to reach out to me with more information about an opportunity. I look forward to hearing from you!

Service areas include:

New York, NY

Jersey City, NJ

Boston, MA

© 2018 Talulah Roe


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