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Make Extra Money By Dumpster Diving

Updated on December 26, 2016

What Is Dumpster Diving?

Exactly what it sounds like. Well, not 100% exactly. Your not literally diving into dumpsters, that d be silly. According to Wikipedia, dumpster diving is a "modern form of salvaging of waste in large commercial, residential, industrial and construction containers to find items that have been discarded by their owners, but that may prove useful to the picker. It is not confined to dumpsters specifically, and may cover standard household waste containers, landfills or small dumps."

Garbage Land: On the Secret Trail of Trash
Garbage Land: On the Secret Trail of Trash

Great read on the effect of waste!


A haul from a Bookstore!

Before You Go Dumpster Diving

Before you go, make sure you have are prepared.

Heres what I highly suggest for you to bring along with you:

  1. Some kind of gloves
  2. Old pair of clothes
  3. Some sort of Reacher grabber
  4. A flashlight (if you go at night)

Where Can I Go Diving?

Why I Dumpster Dive

Before I dive right into this topic, I'll explain my experiences diving. Personally I have really only gone diving at bookstores so I can resell them on Amazon through their Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) program. Its an amazing program to sell stuff online. I've made well over $1000 the past year selling just books I've found diving. But I am currently looking to expand my little niche into other areas or stores per say. I've been doing extensive research on Reddit and the internet on where to go, and other ways to make money diving other than reselling online. I like to keep an open mind to it and plan making money by scrapping any metal I find, and recycling any E-waste.

We live in such a throw a way society, it makes me sick just thinking about it.

Where Can I Go Diving?

I usually go right to Google maps and look around the stores in the general area i am going. Typically, I'll go when I have to run errands. But on nights when I go only diving I just go choose an area that will have a cluster of potentially good stores.

Just check a store of interests dumpster. If you dont find anything, try again later.

Here are some good places to check out:

  • Discount stores

Just today i scored a few boxes of unopened cereal and some Hostess snacks. Am I going to eat them? Heck ya, there unopened.

  • Garden Centers or Greenhouses

I remember in high school, I worked for a local greenhouse and in mid to end of July, my boss had me throw a lot of tomato plants out. He said I can take as many as I wanted home. So I filled up my car!

  • Bookstores-you'll never be without a cheesy romance novel again

Stay away from these!
Stay away from these! | Source

Tips Before You Go

So you want to try your luck at this. Let me offer you tips before you actually go, so you do not get yourself in trouble or hurt.

Tip #1: Stay away from trash compactors! Not only do they completly destroy all the trash, they are UNSAFE!

Tip #2: Keep an open ear for vermin and rodents. And other divers.

Tip #3: Never get into a dumpster, this is just unsafe and a big bad idea. If you can't reach an item solo or with the help of your buddy, leave it.

Tip #4: If confronted by a store owner or manager and asked to vacate, consider just relocating to a new diving location. There are plenty of uncharted waters to find treasure, afterall treasure is what you're after, not trouble. If confronted by strangers, a simple "I'm looking for boxes" should send them away.

Would you go dumpster diving?

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