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Make Extra Money with Triaba Panel

Updated on August 22, 2014

Triaba is a Norwegian company and I have been a member since 2012 and it has about 84 000 panel members. its a survey panel where you give your opinion about products to advertisements informing companies about what works and what does not work.

highest paid survey I have received from Triaba is for 2.24 dollars others are 0.64 dollars depending on the length of the survey and you can cash out when you have reached 4 dollars, payment is made through paypal and vouchers.Triaba Panel is a part of the Cint Opinion HUB (former Panel Exchange (CPX)) and all our panels is constructed in cooperation with Cint AB

Triaba Panel has survey panels in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, USA, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Australia, South Africa, India, Spain, Ireland, Mexico Japan, Lithuania and the Netherlands.

In order to qualify for surveys you need to complete your profile and keep it up to date at all time


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