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Make Money Buying Stocks For Beginners

Updated on June 14, 2012

Stock Buying And Investing

Most people are looking to buy stock in order to make money. Once you get into the stock market, you have to be very careful. You'll be up against very knowledgeable savvy stock exchangers.

You can buy or trade stocks, invests in bonds or commodities. This is NOT a overnight get rich quick scheme. It will take research and knowledge to make money buying stocks.

Millions of investors loose lots of money because they took buying stocks lightly. Many people think that it's a easy way to make money. Speculation will take you no where fast. In order to be successfull you have to be knowledgeable. Find out what to do and what not to do when dealing with stocks.

The stock market is a great wealth builder, it just takes time and patience. In order to preserve money, you’ll need real advice and proven techniques. Stocks are not a sure thing. You’ll need to know how to navigate in a bull and bear market.

How To Make Money With Stocks

Stocks Market For Beginners


Create goals, know where to get current information when buying stocks.

Do you want income, capital gains or investment opportunities. Choosing a stock in a industry that will succeed is very important. Mega trends can be very profitable. Look at company insiders before buying or selling stocks.

Investors sometimes tie up lots of money in stocks, while other put little money in. Both can become equally wealthy, Diversify your portfolio after you find out your net worth. This will tell you how much money you can actually invest.


Find your net worth to set realistic goals. The more you find out about your own financial security the more you can tell whether or not you should invest in stocks. Your monthly expenses must be consider along with emergency funds. Just in case you’re laid off or terminated you’ll need savings in order to survive. You don't want to have to sell your stocks in order to pay bills or live off.

Liquid assets are items that you can sell in order to get money fast. Calculate this as well. Immediate cash on hand is very important before you begin purchasing stock. You want to protect your investments and keep track of everything.

Car, mortgage payments, tuition, and other monthly expenses need to be taken into consideration. Savings for vacations, college tuition, and emergencies are needed to secure your financial future as well. Take all of this into consideration before pouring cash into stocks.

Insure that your net worth increases overtime. No interruption in your financial security should threaten your potential to earn money.


Companies need money in order to provide products and services. Sometimes companies will run out of money because the demand is too high. Maybe the company became a overnight success or a sudden change in the economy calls for this particular product to be mass produced. A share of the company can be sold in order to pay for these cost. This is done through investment banking.

The investment banker will give a large amount of money to the company and then sell shares of that company to consumers. The amount of dividends will be determined by the investment bankers. Dividends are what the shareholder’s get paid.

You have to create a brokerage account with a brokerage firm ( some what like opening a bank account) in order to start purchasing stocks. Some people do it on the Internet, over the phone, or directly through a brokerage firm.


Dow Jones bases their figures on the fluctuations of 30 stocks. The market can be up one day, and down the next. Track the companies you plan to buy stock in for several months before investing. Don’t rely on stock tips!

Bill Gates put a lot of money in one stock and he lost big time! Don't do this. Diversify by investing in mutual funds, bonds, or exchange trade funds. ETF's and REIT’s can be bought through a broker too.

Buy low and sell high! This is how you make money. If a stock goes up rapidly you can sell some of it and keep earning. The whole goal is to invest wisely in order to make your stocks earn money. Best Wishes!


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