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Make Money From Your Old CDs and DVDs

Updated on January 18, 2012

Selling Your Old CDs and DVDs

If you live in the UK and you, like most people, have a stack of old CDs and DVDs that you don't listen to or watch much any more, then you can make some money by selling off your CDs/DVDs in a number of places.

Two of the most obvious ways of selling your old music and films are:

  • List them on eBay
  • Sell them at a car boot sale

But there is also a new way of getting money from your Cds and DVDs which is a website known as Music Magpie.

There are pros and cons to each of these ways of selling and I will attempt to cover them all so that you can make the decision as to which one is best for you.

Make money from selling your old Cds
Make money from selling your old Cds

Selling on eBay

This is probably one of the best places if you want to achieve the best price for your CDs/DVDs. You can reach a really wide audience all around the country (or possibly the world) and particularly if you have CDs or DVDs that are a bit more unusual or specialist then you are more likely to find a buyer.

However, one of the bad points of selling on eBay is that the postage can sometimes cost almost as much as the price of the DVD/CD and so people may not pay as much for them. One thing that you could do is to sell a few items together that are similar so that the postage cost is not so great relative to the cost of the items.

Selling at a Car Boot Sale

This can be a really good place to sell CDs and DVDs although again, don't expect to get too much for them as there are usually quite a few people with DVDs/CDs on their stalls. More recent ones can get higher prices but often people will not pay more than £1-2 for DVDs and £1 or so for CDs.

However, you can often sell quite a few and you can get rid of them quickly if you need to clear them out of your house.

Music Magpie (UK)

Music Magpie has come to the fore recently as a site where you can sell all of your old CDs and DVDs and they will take them from you and give you the cash.

The good thing about Music Magpie is that it is really easy to use, you can sell almost all of your collection and you can post them all off for free. In fact if you sell more than 50 items then they will send a courier to collect them from you.

The downside is (and there is always a catch) that you will not get that much for most of your CDs/DVDs. Most of the ones that I wanted to sell were only worth 30p each. However, you will sometimes come across a few surprises that are worth more. For example I had a Gilbert O Sullivan CD that was worth £3, so it can all add up.

The easiest way to use Music Magpie is to download the app to your smartphone if you have one - in this way you can just scan in the barcodes and get an immediate price. If you don't have a smartphone then you can just enter the barcode manually.

Personally I sold 84 items for about £45 - Ok that is not a brilliant amount but I am not sure that I would have got that much elsewhere without a lot of effort. Sometimes things sell on eBay and sometimes not and it is hit and miss as to what you can sell at boot fairs - and right now it is to cold to go to a boot fair! If you want to check out what you can get for your CDs and DVDs then check out Music Magpie.


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    • alahiker28 profile image

      Vicki Parker 4 years ago from the Deep South

      GREAT tip. Thanks.