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Make Money Online Without Spending Money

Updated on April 4, 2011

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs work. Develop a blog, and use affiliate programs.Most products on the web have affiliate programs. Look for your favorite product on the web, and select the link somewhere on the page that says "become an affiliate" or "affiliates."Link the product that you decided to become an affiliate with into your blog. Use the products that you are familiar with. If you decide to write a review in your blog about the product,be truthful. Being honest is important because not only do you know more about the product, but you are building your reputation. Being truthful will also help you in many other ways. If I decide to get a product based on a person’s review, and I felt the persons review was right on the money, then I will probably go to the same blog to find more reviews if I need them.

Online Surveys

Online surveys are all over the Internet, and I have earned extra money with surveys before. If you decide to make a few extra bucks with surveys, make sure you get a new email address, you will get tons of advertisements. You do not want to miss any important messages in your regular mail box. Once you try some of these (and some really are better than others), then start promoting them. Most of the time, you will earn a small percentage of the people that sign up under you.

 You can Google online surveys, and a ton of them will pop up. Do your research, and pick one that you think you will like. There is a minimum payout on these sites. The minimum payout for surveys varies, some are easier than others.

Blog with Google AdSense

Get a blog, and sign up for Google AdSense. When you have a blog, you can write about whatever you want to write about, and if someone happens to click on the advertisements in your blog, you earn extra cash.

Get Paid to Write Articles

Do a search for sites that pay you to make money to write. You can earn passive income, and there are several success stories on the Hub Pages. Hub Pages is actually pretty good, because they generate good revenue, and you continue to earn, as long as your hubs are viewed. Go ahead and Google "make money writing articles online."

Write reviews

Some sites will pay you to write reviews. Do a search online and see what sites are willing to pay you to write reviews. You should never have to pay for them. You are the one doing the work. Writing reviews is a good way to make extra income online, because you get to write about things you know, and like.



Everyone already knows you can earn extra money from EBay. EBay is like an online swap meet. You can sell anything on eBay, from shoes you got a great deal on, to a pair of pants.

Become an Expert

Places online will pay for your experience. If you are an expert in something, places like Live-person pay you to work online. Live person is a chat site. You can be an expert in tarot, psychology, etc. People all over the world look for experts for whatever reason. The amount of money you make here really does depend on how much work you put into it. People that choose you as an expert will rate you, based on the level of advice you give. You can make a generous income on sites like this.

Make Money Taking Pictures

Some sites will pay you for your pictures. People use them for mainly for advertisements. You can take pictures of nature, cars, or whatever you want. Taking pictures, and selling them to certain sites is a very fun way to earn money online.Google sites that "make money taking pictures."


Have fun making money online

Actually, you can make pretty good income online, on any of the sites I mentioned. It all really just depends on how much work you want to put into it. There are many ways you can make money online and not spend a dime, but realize that it does take patience, time, knowledge and work. The ways I have listed are all ways I have made money online, and there are many more ways to generate money from your computer. I am in no way an expert, and I do it. I learn more every day. The Internet is always changing, the advertisements, and the top ways of making extra money online are always changing. There are many things to learn, and tons of work to put into it.

Find out what works best for you. I love the Hub Pages, because I like to write. Places that pay you to write articles or hubs, let you make money, and keep making it. You can write an article today, and get paid for the same article a year from now, and I think that is pretty cool. The Hub Pages also teaches you what getting paid to write is all about. I had no idea how key words, long tail traffic, SEO, and other things worked, until the Hub Pages. I have written articles on other sites, but I really did not understand what I was doing. I am not an expert article writer, but the Hub Pages has taught me a ton.

Enjoy making money online. Remember, it should be free to make income online. In some cases, you might see that it only makes sense to spend a couple of bucks to generate income for an online business, but do it if it only makes sense. Have fun! Making money online is fun.

Making money online

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