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Make Money Selling Used Baby Clothing

Updated on January 26, 2015

Sell Those Clothes

Resell your children's clothing

Kids are expensive and they are constantly needing new things because they are constantly growing, but there is a website looking to change all of that and help you earn money in the process. The website is called This site is a community of people who send in their gently used and sometimes brand new (with tags attached)clothing, shoes, toys and books and sell them for lower than you can ever find in a store. The prices that I have seen have been cheaper than some well known thrift stores.

The best part about this site is it is very organized, you can use the handy filter in the corner at the top of the website to view clothing by size, gender, type of item and sort from low pricing to high pricing. This site is a dream come true to anyone looking to stay below budget.

Now to the good part, this site is a awesome way to make money. Once you register on the site you can request a swap box and shipping sticker to send your gently used items in. Once your items are received the swap team puts your clothes on display and you set the price. Once your items sell swap notifies you and the money is transferred into you Pay Pal account. Swap does get a portion of the sale for allowing you to post on their site. I have had tons of success selling on their site and my items sold really quickly. I did have a small problem with a pair of shoes purchased on the site, but the customer service department responded to me quickly and I was able to get a refund within 24 hours. No hassles whatsoever $6!!.

The next time you think about having a yard sale I would definitely recommend trying this site out instead its less of a headache and you don't have to worry about low ball offers. Happy shopping and selling!


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