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Make Money Selling Unwanted Clothes

Updated on July 8, 2013
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Item sold on ASOS MarketplaceItem sold on ASOS Marketplace
Item sold on ASOS Marketplace
Item sold on ASOS Marketplace
Item sold on ASOS Marketplace
Item sold on ASOS Marketplace

We often open our closet and look at the jungle of clothes that serve no purpose other than taking up space. A lot of this clothing that we have, spends a lifetime in the closet and never gets worn, making them useless.

I'm tired of seeing a closet full of clothes that haven't been worn or will never be worn again so this is the reason I will help you find ways to sell them for money on the internet.


We all know about the existence of Ebay and how it can help you make money by selling old and unwanted things around the house. Ebay is very well known for its wide range of fashion variety and outlet stores. Along with these outlet stores clothing is available from private sellers, which is where we sellers come to the party. You can list your unwanted clothing as an auction which could help you sell your item for a very good price or you can use the "BUY IT NOW" option which allows you to set your own price.

ASOS Marketplace

Asos Marketplace is a very good website to use in order to sell unwanted clothes. The best thing about it that you can list your items for free and you only pay a final sale fee at the end. This means that you can also list clothes that you currently wear, but are willing to sell at a very good price if the opportunity comes along. I have sold many items this way and used the funds to buy new clothes. This way I upgrade my wardrobe at not cost at all.

The only conditions that Asos Marketplace has, is that the item of clothing needs to be worn by someone at the time that the photo has been taken and that no flash photography is allowed. In simple terms you are allowed to crop your face out of the photo if you don't want to reveal who you are and it is best that you have the photo taken in natural daylight.

An advantage you have with Asos Marketplace is that you can apply for a boutique for extra exposure or sell items individually as a private seller.

Asos Marketplace and Ebay are both worthwhile websites to use in order to sell your unwanted fashion items. Depending on your preferences and the way you choose to sell your unwanted clothes, this will determine which one from the two you decide to choose. You may even choose both if they suit your selling needs.


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