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Make Money Through Online

Updated on August 13, 2010

How to Make Money Through Online

We offer several online activities, procedures, and strategies for making money online. Our Interweb virtually bursts at the seams with every variation on every moneymaking scheme. Peruse our concise compendium of campaigns. Let us know what works.

Mr. Alan Lim welcomes you to You're greeted by his sincere visage and the promise of his help. His goal is to assist everyone in finding opportunities to make money online. Perhaps not everyone; that would probably crash his servers.

Alan's home page boasts three columns of Google ads and a single column of links such as "make money taking surveys", "make money from home", and "Make money with a US Congressman" (we made up the last one.)

Clicking on a non-Google ad throws up a new browser window containing a very special offer from Alan. According to the special offer, the special offer will not be repeated. Evidently there's this thing called "Master Resell Rights" that can be obtained for only pennies. It's something we all need and Mr. Lim will give it to us. On the list of Master Stuff to which we might want Master Resell Rights are books and software explaining how to build lists and how to construct affiliate marketing structures.

Note: and have not been registered. Perhaps Mr Lim could help you with that.

Alan Lim wants to help you at
Alan Lim wants to help you at

The .US domains were created after most of the .com domains were snapped up. A .US domain name is functionally equivalent to a .com domain name, but most Internet users automatically put a .com behind any site they try to remember or visit. Web entrepreneurs prefer .com domain names, but since so many are already taken, enterprising money makers often turn to .org, .net, or even .us for a reasonable name that's not been registered.

The good folks at hope that their site will make you forget (There is such a site, but it's 'parked' and therefore not all that exciting). is a blog site, probably WordPress, which is free. Bloggers at appear to have lost interest way back in September of 2009; no article is more current than that. The landscape of making money online through blogging has changed since then, but perhaps some useful information can be extracted if you're willing to delve into the articles or browse the obligatory Google ads.

On the other hand, perhaps they learned how to make money online through blogging and in September of 2009 they retired to a tropical island with no Internet access. It could happen., not to be confused with, not to be confused with

This one might be depressing. If you discourage easily, now might be a good time to look away. has no ads. Yes, it has space reserved for ads, but no ads appear. Perhaps an onslaught of relevant banner ads is only a matter of time. Stay tuned. : stand by for some ads... : stand by for some ads...

ClickBank Pirate ( houses the secrets of renegade Clickbank super affiliates. Apparently Johnny Depp is a member of the crew: a photo of Cap'n Jack Sparrow appears at the top of the page.

Use this site to learn the secrets of pillaging and plundering Clickbank for Autopilot income. As with all techniques to make money through online endeavors, no effort, knowledge, experience, or time is required. Aside from scurvy, septicemia, malaria, foot fungus, melanoma, and no Internet access, the Pirate Life was analogous to an extended Disney cruise.

The site continues with a pirate motif throughout. Don't be cannon fodder: join the renegade crew and sail into uncharted waters of Internet Riches, you scurvy dog. Or something like that. Sail the 7 seas of clickbank piracy. Sail the 7 seas of clickbank piracy.


Make money online through clickbanks, blogging, taking surveys, and innumerable other heretofore unimaginable activities. Put up your own site and sell something. Take the plunge. You won't get rich just sitting there!


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    • nicomp profile imageAUTHOR

      nicomp really 

      7 years ago from Ohio, USA

      @Graeme wrote:

      "I like your writing,just found your hubpage.To make money online you should first build a list,as most people don't buy the first time.With a list you can then email them again. Look forward to reading more from you.



      Thank you for your kind words! If you want to do a link exchange, feel free to ask.

    • dallas93444 profile image

      Dallas W Thompson 

      7 years ago from Bakersfield, CA

      Thanks for sharing!

    • profile image 

      7 years ago

      I did a little research on make money online Ghost (Pirate) Ships a while back - a fascinating story thanks for the read here Joe.


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