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Updated on February 16, 2014

What Is Vokl?

Vokl (pronounced "Vocal" and not to be confused with the already popular ski brand) is a "Social TV App" that rewards users for watching primetime TV. The app went live on November 21, 2013 at about 3:30pm Eastern time.

So far, the app is only available for use on Apple products, and these need to be of a generation high enough to have a microphone. (The app "listens" to your TV and recognizes the show you are watching.) This means iPhones, iPad gen 2+, iPad minis, and iPods.

Prior to its launch date, the founder of the app commented in a press release discussing his vision for this app. In many ways, this is a response to the ever-changing nature of watching live television. With the availability of shows online, using Netflix, and Hulu, as well as those who skip all commercials by DVR'ing and fast-forwarding through them, this app likely appeals to advertisers because it gets people to watch TV in "real time." The idea is to entice people by making TV watching a more interactive experience. For things like live sports, politics, and reality TV, it makes a lot of sense.

“No other social TV app allows fans to express themselves then experience audience reaction in real-time. Watching reality shows, sports and politics will be a whole new experience with Vokl.” - Rich Santos, founder*.

As Vokl puts it, "you earn real rewards from the brands you love just for watching TV and expressing your feelings towards the show whilst doing so" (Vokl Website). In many ways, Vokl seems to be in direct competition to a similar app, Viggle, which is currently available and under a lot of fire for server/administrative problems, constant changing of the rules and rewards, and the unavailability of rewards for redemption. As many Viggle users are quitting and deleting the app, talk of Vokl buzzes as a potential opportunity to be similar or better than what Viggle was when it first appeared on the app market a few years ago.


How Does Vokl Work?

By all plans and accounts, the Vokl app should work very much like Viggle. In fact, if you are a Viggle user, you might notice that the interface for the Vokl app is strangely familiar in style and color scheme. So how does it work?

  1. Download the app.
  2. Add shows to your "Favorites." Vokl will remind you when they air.
  3. While watching TV, use the app to "like" or "dislike" parts of the show you are watching.
  4. Get rewarded as you Vokl by "accepting" or "rejecting" offers as they pop up on your phone.

What Kind of Rewards?

According to the website, "The more you Vokl, the more you earn."

Right now, several companies are listed ranging from online shopping like and Disney to grocery products like Pepsi and Dannon as sponsors of the app.

So far, however, the reward system isn't very clear cut. For example, there isn't a "rewards section" where you can simply redeem a certain number of points for rewards. Also, rewards seem a little slim. While Vokling, you will see rewards pop up, which you can accept or reject. Again, more rewards seem to pop up the more active you are liking, disliking, and tweeting thoughts.

Some rewards available now include:

  1. $2 Amazon mp3 codes.
  2. Julep Maven Box For free with $40 worth of beauty items.
  3. 50% off an iPhone case.
  4. $0.75 off Bolthouse Farms beverage.
  5. 15% or 50% off Style Mint.

Given the nature of these rewards, my best guess is that the app still has a lot of work, and still needs more sponsors. All of the above are available with no work on other Internet blogs and sites. Further, the Julep Maven Box, for example, is a free gift with subscription.


For now, I think it is best to wait out the inception bugs for this app and see if anything gets better. I for one will not be accepting any rewards I do not recognize as noteworthy and reputable businesses.

I will, however, continue to update this article with new information as I learn it. Go ahead and bookmark this link to stay tuned.

Until then, you can follow the app by signing up for email updates through their website, or following them on Twitter (@VoklTV).


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    • JG11Bravo profile image


      5 years ago

      Interesting prospect, this. It seems logical enough to more directly integrate viewership and social media, after all. I expect this app will do very well.


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