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Make Money With Music - Slice The Pie

Updated on July 19, 2013
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Slice The Pie Home pageSlice The Pie review
Slice The Pie Home page
Slice The Pie Home page
Slice The Pie review
Slice The Pie review

Listen to Music and Earn Money

Most people believe that the only way to make money from music is to become a singer, play a musical instrument or produce music. The good news is that you don't require any musical talent and none of these three things are required in order to make money from music.

I was recently introduced to an interesting website that allows me to make a respectable amount of money (see photos and video) whilst listening to great music and reviewing it afterwards. This website called "Slice The Pie" holds great money making potential as I continue to build the balance in my PayPal account.

Earning Potential

Based on your quality score, experience and rank, Slice The Pie gives you the opportunity to earn between 2 and 40 cents per song you review. As you continue to rate music with quality reviews your quality score and rank increases giving you a higher pay rate per song. This gives the average music lover the opportunity to have fun earning money whilst listening to new and undiscovered music.

Refer Your Friends

In addition to making money from rating and reviewing music, you can also refer your friends and make a referral fee from every review they make. The great news is that you won't take a portion from their earnings because Slice the Pie will pay you, a separate referral fee in addition to their earnings. Referring your friends to Slice The Pie is made easier with the use of their Facebook and Twitter referral buttons. This allows you to increase your earnings quicker and easier.

I would highly recommend trying Slice The Pie, if it isn't for the extra income that you may be looking for, it's a great way to enjoy listening to new undiscovered music that you love.


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