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How To Make Money With The iPhone

Updated on October 14, 2010

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Make Some $$$ With The iPhone NOW

The iPhone is a remarkable piece of electronics that loads of people want and over millions have been sold. This gives you the great opportunity to make tons of money. Below I have listed a few ways you can start making money with the iPhone NOW:

1) Be an Application (App) Developer. Learn Objective C programing and you can begin earning tons of money with the iPhone. Revenue can be earned by placing advertisments in your apps and by selling your app through Apple's App Store. Apps can be as simple as an iFart app to a very complex one such as a full RPG game. Even simple Apps (example: iFart) can boost your earnings by thousands of dollars if it goes viral. Another way to gain consistent revenue is to create a subscription based application, where users have to pay a monthly fee.

2) Be A Consultant. Through honing your iPhone skills and learning everything about the iPhone you can be an iPhone Consultant. This has a potential revenue of up to $175 an hour with your skills on the iPhone. You should first begin by purchsing a manual from a bookstore and learn everything in that book. Then you can begin consulting with businesses regarding how to implement this breakthrough device within their organizations to boost productivity.

3) The "Dark Side" (Jail Breaking). There is lot of commotion these days about Jailbreaking. However, recently the courts ruled that Jailbreaking is now LEGAL. So feel free to go ahead and start your business and not worry about it's legtimacy. If you are not familiar with Jailbreaking here is a brief description: This process allows you to remove all Apple restrictions on the iPhone. This means you can have tethering and Jailbroken Apps. This is a tremendous market opportunity because people love to customize their things. Just think about cars!

4) Start A Hardware Repair Service. With the millions of iPhones sold, the probablity of people dropping their phones is very high. This gives you a very good market opportunity and allows you to save them money by not having them to buy another phone.

5) Start An Accessories Store. You can start selling iPhone add-ons like as leather cases, arm bands for the gym, earphones and docking stations. People love accessorizing their things; here you have a tremendous opportunity!


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    • profile image

      Greg Hunter 7 years ago

      Great writeup on how to make money using the iPhone. I just got one and want to get into hardware repair.