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Make Money by Micro-Blogging with Teckler (Teckler Review, Scam or Not and Payment Proof)

Updated on September 20, 2014
Teckler logo
Teckler logo

What is Teckler?

Teckler is a micro-blogging platform as I mentioned above. Claudio Gandelman is the founder and CEO of the website which started in mind 2013.

There are a lot of talk about the site mostly about the payouts but keep on reading and find out how all of the flaws can be negated using Teckler properly.

Why would anyone want to shift to Teckler from other micro-blogging sites such as Bubblews? Well, read on. I have a perfectly good answer for all of you.

Microblogging is a fun new way of writing what's on your mind and making a living out of it.
Microblogging is a fun new way of writing what's on your mind and making a living out of it. | Source

Teckler Stats...

Teckler maybe new but it has achieved a lot of progress in the short period of it's existence.

According to Alexa

Global Rank: 23,181 (a jump of 18,845 places since last three months)

Rank in Brazil: 2,187 (the website is based in Brazil)

Estimated Worth: $1,026,030

Bounce Rate: <34%

Google Page Rank: 4

Average Monthly Unique Visitors: 9 million (as of December 2013)

Average Active Users on Teckler: around 2 million (as of December 2013)

So these stats are pretty impressive for a start up company and I'm sure they are growing strong.

How Teckler works...


Do you use Teckler?

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Teckler Revenue Share Policy

Teckler, as other content sharing sites, earns through displaying ads from Google and other networks. So payments are based on views per mille (thousand).

Teckler shares a generous 70% of all earnings from our Tecks (a post in Teckler) to us. So if the website generates say $5 per 5000 views we will get paid $3.5 which is not a worst case scenario. So like all content writing sites we would need a generous traffic flow to make a profit out of it.

But do not fear these payout rates are bound to improve further as the site grows.

Another massive benefit is the very low redemption limit. It's actually $0.50. Yes fifty cents. And you are able to withdraw it to your Paypal account without any hassle.

Bubblews payout is better? Maybe, but if you keep reading there is a surprise for you.

Integrate Teckler with Amazon Affiliates

How Teckler Beats Bubblews?!!!

Payouts may be lower at Teckler but there's one thing that Bubblews will ban you for doing and Teckler wouldn't mind at all.

Affiliate and Referral links...

Yes, Teckler allows users to post referral and affiliate links in our posts. This is a huge advantage if you want to promote products from Amazon or Ebay. This sheds a whole new light on Teckler. So not only CPMs but affiliate sales can be part of your potential earnings portfolio.

Most people use Teckler to promote their referral links and earn incomes through referral sign-ups.

In fact I'm using Teckler to promote new Amazon products. Since the traffic is low I'm yet to see any sales, but I have high hopes.

Creating a Teck in Multimedia

Another innovative concept on Teckler is that you can create Tecks (posts) in a variety of multimedia platforms.

For an example once you sign up with the website and click on "Create teck" icon you will see a drop down list with four different types of Tecks you can create.

1. Text - normal Teck where you write about anything you want

2. Photo - a Teck where you include a picture along with a title and a caption. Not much description needed.

3. Audio - inserts an audio clip with a description as to what it is.

4. Video - allows you to add a video with a title and a small description.

Teckler is also pretty strict on copyright infringements, as all other websites. More so regarding text, audio and video Tecks. Photos can be included as long as you give proper credits to the original creators. Audios and videos (if taken from the Internet) needs to be added a unique and original description which will add some value to the video or the audio.

Teckler: Scam or Not?

Teckler is definitely not a scam. Many users have been paid and are being continued to get paid.

Since the payout rates are low still not much redemptions are occurring on my part. But there are definitely a lot of people making it really work for them.

Teckler Payment Proofs

Teckler Earnings

These are small redemptions done to check the system and as you can see it is working fine.

Here's a little bigger paycheck.

So it's not impossible to make good earnings. But it will take a little time and effort. But considering other benefits I mentioned above it's going to prove a worthwhile effort.

Be the small earnings Teckler is not a scam to say the least.

Multiple Profiles on Teckler?

Ys, Teckler offers another unique feature to simplify our lives.

We can have multiple profiles on Teckler. Why?

Well, let's assume you have varied interests like me. So I would rather have two profiles to write about technological stuff in one profile and e-money stuff in another profile. Keep things organized. Many profiles can be created to your preference. Profiles are easily switch between making our lives more easy.

However earnings of multiple profiles are displayed together (not separately).

Share Your Experience...

Do you use Teckler? If so how are you enjoying it and what are the reasons that make you use Teckler?

Don't use Teckler? Why not?

Haven't tried Teckler yet? What's on your mind after reading this article? Share your thoughts with us and make this a conversation.

Help me help all of you seeking information. Thanks. :)

UPDATE: Teckler No More!!!

As of this month (September 2014) Teckler will be shutting down. No specific reasons were given as to why this happened. I am assuming many people must have left the site due to very low pay rates and as well as due to the re-birth of Bubblews.


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    • Nimesh De Silva profile image

      Nimesh De Silva 3 years ago


      That is the real problem with Teckler. I don't know how long they will be able to run with those low payment rates, specially when there are sites like Bubblews and HubPages with high payouts.

      Thanks for the very informative comment.

    • Denmarkguy profile image

      Peter Messerschmidt 3 years ago from Port Townsend

      Nice article. For sure, Teckler is not a scam... but the pay rate is on the VERY low end, compared to most other sites. Based on my own page views and what I have gotten paid, they seem to pay right in the $0.40-0.50 cents per 1000 views range. Does not compare favorably to (for example) the $3.65 per 1000 views I'm getting here on HubPages, this month. Or even the potential $10.00 per 1000 views a site like Bubblews offers. Don't get me wrong, I think Teckler is a really NICE site, and the interface and appearance is very clean and modern and easy to use... but people are agreeing to get paid 7 cents an hour... and that hardly qualifies as "getting paid," in my opinion.

    • Nimesh De Silva profile image

      Nimesh De Silva 4 years ago


      LOL. Thanks. I'm not very active there though.

    • TurtleDog profile image

      TurtleDog 4 years ago

      Good post on a decent site. I'm there too. Voted up and interesting. Nice job Nimesh. See you there... and here...

    • Nimesh De Silva profile image

      Nimesh De Silva 4 years ago


      Yeah it's pretty good specially because of the additional benefits I mentioned

    • madamrekha profile image

      Rekha Kumari 4 years ago from Delhi India

      Thanks Nimesh To share your experiences with Teckler. Even after joining I neglected it but it sounds good to work with.

    • Nimesh De Silva profile image

      Nimesh De Silva 4 years ago


      Yeah a low redemption limit is very useful when getting into such a trade. Now I can't recommend Bubblews to anybody because their redemption limit is $50...

    • kristyleann profile image

      Kristy LeAnn 4 years ago from Princeton, WV

      I haven't used Teckler much but I recently redeemed payment for $1.23. I really should start using it more, especially since we can use affiliate links (I didn't know that). But I love that they have a low cash out limit. In fact, that is one of the big things I consider when using a site like that. =)

    • Nimesh De Silva profile image

      Nimesh De Silva 4 years ago


      Thanks. :)

    • adams07 profile image

      Samantha Adams 4 years ago from Auburn, GA

      Good article!